Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

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Différences entre mascara et sérum mascara.

The differences between a mascara and a mascara serum.

The role of eyelashes is an essential step in achieving successful eye makeup. To achieve length, volume, and beautiful curves, mascara is typically used. Recently, mascara serums have also emerged. Both treatments work to enhance the eyelashes. However, their functions, compositions, and methods of use differ. More details in this article.

Mascara and mascara serum: what are the differences?

Before adding sensuality and softness to the gaze, eyelashes have a protective function for our eyes. They trap foreign bodies (dust, sand, sweat droplets...) at the edges of the eyelid to prevent them from entering the eye. However, certain habits, factors, and/or actions can weaken them, as well as impact their growth.

Indeed, daily makeup application and removal, repeated or poorly executed eyelash extensions, improper makeup removal, dust, the use of overly harsh makeup removers, and repeated eyelash tinting can all put significant strain on your lashes and play a major role in their premature fall-out. Therefore, to maintain strong and less brittle lashes, it's important to choose the right treatments. Between lash serum and mascara, which one should you prioritize? Here are the differences:

  • Functions: Depending on the desired effect, mascara can aim to curl the lashes, lengthen them, or give them volume. While the primary concern of mascara is thus the aesthetics of the lashes, that of the mascara serum is not limited to this function. Its role is to preserve the health of the lashes. In addition to nourishing and strengthening the lashes, this treatment developed with active ingredients also promotes the growth of new lashes. Moreover, the mascara serum is ideal for solving problems of brittle or falling lashes. Therefore, mascara serum is considered a treatment while mascara is a makeup;

  • Composition: As the mascara wraps the lash surface with a continuous wax film, the lashes intensify and lengthen after each application: the effects are instant and superficial. On the contrary, mascara serums stand out for their action on the catagen phase of the lash life cycle, where they aim to stimulate the hair follicles to ensure optimal hair anchoring and increase its lifespan. They also provide the necessary nutrients to activate lash regrowth and improve their resistance. This makes the lashes less brittle and more robust. The effects are only perceived after several days but with lasting results;

  • Application: Whether they are short or long, thick or thin, it is important to regularly care for the eyelashes, especially during the makeup routine. To do this, one must apply a mascara base in the form of a serum that is applied before the mascara. The application can be done both during the day and at night, and it helps to stimulate eyelash growth and thus limit their fall, as well as allow for better mascara hold. However, make sure it dries completely before applying the mascara. Indeed, mascaras tend to weaken the eyelashes, hence the application of a base beforehand. With the mascara serum, there is no need to go through this step as it already contains nourishing and strengthening active ingredients. This makeup care for the eyelashes thus combines the properties of a mascara base and those of a traditional mascara in a single product.

Introduction to Typology's serum mascara.

Half-care, half-makeup, our mascara serum provides color and length to the lashes for a natural finish, while also nourishing and strengthening them in the long term. This 2-in-1 treatment can completely replace a traditional mascara to enhance the eyes by working on the curves and length of your lashes with its 100% bio-sourced polymer applicator.

Its formula, composed of 96% natural origin ingredients with 5.8% care, contains pea peptides for their strengthening and densifying properties, castor oil to nourish and promote the growth of new lashes, phytokeratin to tone their structure and make them more resistant, and arginine to combat premature lash loss. Moreover, its composition is free from silicones, animal-derived ingredients (beeswax) and mineral oils.

Note : Even though it is also a treatment, it should also be removed at the end of the day with a makeup remover that is suitable.


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