Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

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L’après-shampooing est-il indispensable pour nos cheveux ?

Do You Need To Use Conditioner?

Everyone knows that shampoo is an essential part of a hair routine, but do you need to use conditioner too in order to take good care of your hair? Learn more in this article.

Conditioner: Definition.

What is conditioner, and what does it do? Being an “express” product with a much shorter application time before rinsing than a mask, the primary function of a conditioner is to detangle the hair to facilitate the future styling stage. Conditioner is usually applied only to the ends and lengths. Today, only a few products can also be applied from the roots to the ends and have a soothing effect on the scalp. 

In addition to detangling, some conditioners also nourish the hair shaft, give it shine or act in depth and restructure the hair to make it more resistant. Today, there are as many conditioners as there are hair types (highlighted, colored, dry, damaged, long, curly, fine, brittle…). You therefor need to use a conditioner adapted to your hair.

Is Conditioner Necessary or Not?

Whatever your hair type, the answer is yes! It is a care which you cannot do without if you wish to tame and care for your hair.

However, be careful not to use it incorrectly! If too much is applied each time the hair is being washed, a phenomenon called “hair fatigue” can occur, characterized by a sagging of the hair.

On average, hair can absorb between 30 and 45% of its weight in water, making it particularly permeable to the active ingredients in conditioners. Beyond this limit, the hair's diameter increases and it stretches excessively. The result is the opposite of what was intended: the hair looks limp and lifeless. Therefore, apply conditioner sparingly, never using more than 5 dimes of the product.

Should I Avoid Using Conditioner on Oily Hair?

Not necessarily. Oily hair is often a misnomer; it is, in fact, an oily scalp that produces excess sebum, which runs down the hair shaft and gives the hair that sometimes unsightly shiny look.

You need to use conditioner for oily hair only on the ends and mid-lengths. If your scalp is particularly oily, you can space out its use and apply it every 2 or 3 hair washings


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