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Face Serum: How Much Should I Apply?

Face Serum: How Much Should I Apply?

Combined with day and night creams, a facial serum is an intensive treatment used to provide a targeted response to the needs of the epidermis (wrinkles, oily skin, dark spots, loss of moisture, etc.). However, with its formula full of active ingredients, it is important to know how much to apply in order not to overuse it. What is face serum? Here are the details.

What Is a Face Serum?

By definition, a cosmetic serum is a face care product, highly concentrated in powerful active ingredients, with a melting, light and fluid texture. This characteristic offers the serum a better absorption through the different epidermal layers to act in depth. Indeed, the face serum has been specially designed to treat various skin problems such as sagging facial contours, loss of moisture, wrinkles, lack of radiance, hyperpigmentation, redness, blackheads, acne, dilated pores, etc... Its role is also to prepare the skin before the application of your usual day or night cream to improve its action and boost its effectiveness. It is therefore used as an addition to your face cream and is not intended to replace it. Indeed, the serum does not protect the skin. This role is assigned to the care cream which will form a barrier against external aggressions. There are many serums for each skin type and problem: plumping serum, unifying serum, matifying serum, etc... It is also possible to combine several serums to target different problems at the same time. Now you know what a face serum is.

How To Use a Face Serum?

Before using a face serum, clean your skin with a makeup remover and a suitable cleanser in order to remove all makeup and dirt from your skin. This step is essential to optimize the effect of the serum. Once the skin is clean and dry, it is time to apply the cosmetic serum. Since its formula is ultra-rich in active ingredients, it does not require a large amount. A small dose of this care product is enough. Pour the equivalent of a pea-sized amount of the product into the palm of your hand, then warm the material by rubbing your palms together. The application of the product is done with full hands on the face, by carrying out light pressures to let the care soak in. Do not rub. You can also make small circular massages by going from the bottom of the face to the top and from the lips to the temples. For the eye serum, its application follows the same procedure: with your fingertips, gently tap the targeted area. Then wait a few minutes before applying your skin care cream to give the serum time to work through the layers of the epidermis to act in depth.


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