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Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Association France Psoriasis.

France Psoriasis, an association to accompany and support patients suffering from psoriasis

Psoriasis, a disease still not widely understood, negatively impacts social, personal, and professional life. Beyond the struggle of accepting one's own body, the patient may wish to hide due to fear of ridicule, unkind comments, or the gaze of others. Fortunately, it is possible to find support and guidance through organizations like "France Psoriasis".

The history of the association, France Psoriasis.

Formerly known as the "Association for the Fight Against Psoriasis," the "France Psoriasis" association was founded in November 1983 by a patient named Michèle CORVEST. At the time, she was 32 years old and had been suffering from psoriasis for 22 years. The founder of the association realized that she was unaware of the various existing therapies. She felt neglected by science. For these reasons, she decided to take control of her disease. To do this, a different psychological approach was adopted, based on the knowledge of the benefits and risks associated with treatments.

Psoriasis is generally perceived by patients as a degrading or shameful condition. Thus, the efforts of the "France Psoriasis" association are focused on means to improve the quality of life of those affected. Since its inception, the association has more than 20,000 patients. It benefits from the advice of a scientific committee, as well as the support of SFR (French Society of Rheumatology) and SFD (French Society of Dermatology).

The objectives of "France Psoriasis".

The association receives numerous testimonials that enable it to fulfill its missions. These missions are centered around four main axes.

  • Restoring hope.

    Since 1983, "France Psoriasis" has been working to restore hope to patients and their families. To do this, all information about the disease and the various treatments offered is made available to them on the association's website: Throughout France, exchange meetings are organized to support and accompany patients. The association also provides the latest information on psoriasis through a newsletter and a review.

  • Providing an enhanced skincare journey.

    "France Psoriasis" collaborates with authorities and healthcare professionals to limit therapeutic wandering. It intervenes with general practitioners, dermatologists, rheumatologists, nurses, pharmacists...

  • Raising awareness about psoriasis.

    To raise awareness among the general public and combat misconceptions, "France Psoriasis" organizes communication campaigns. Meetings with the Ministry and petitions also help to introduce and gain recognition for the disease from political authorities.

  • Advancing research.

    For appropriate management of psoriasis, the association conducts medical-social surveys. It also has the mission to inform about all ongoing clinical trials and to improve the patient journey during these trials.

Support and accompaniment services.

To assist patients in living with their condition, "France Psoriasis" offers:

  • A personalized listening service.

    Understanding psoriasis, responding appropriately during flare-ups, changing treatments... Patients face various challenging situations. However, thanks to the association, they can benefit from advice and personalized support by calling 01 42 39 02 55 or by visiting offices organized throughout France.

  • The virtual assistant Calipso.

    This free service is available on the France Psoriasis website. It answers patients' questions and provides support 24 hours a day. All responses are validated by dermatologists. Moreover, there is no need to register to converse with Calipso.

  • The TAVIE Pso application.

    This application includes various features, among them virtual coaching to enhance patient self-management. A journal is available to track the progression of symptoms and side effects of a treatment, making communication with healthcare professionals easier.

  • The PSO MAG magazine.

    This journal is published three times a year by the association itself, which allows individuals affected by psoriasis and/or psoriatic arthritis to stay informed about the medical, social, and cultural news related to the disease.


Website of the France Psoriasis Association.


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