Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

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À quelle fréquence se parfumer ?

How Often Should I Wear Perfume?

Wearing cologne every day, or perfume, allows you to smell good and leave a fragrant note in your wake. But be careful not to overdo it, or you'll soon tire of it. So, how often to apply cologne or perfume? We will give you answers.

A Few Notions About Perfume.

A perfume is a combination of different aromatic notes, obtained by distillation of natural ingredients or by chemical synthesis. This process requires consideration of 3 main notes: the top note represents the first scent released by the perfume. The middle note can take several hours to reveal itself and finally the base note, which is the lingering scent of a perfume and permeates clothes and surfaces.

The name of a fragrance depends, however, on its concentration of aromatic substances. In fact, perfumes are categorized into:

Fresh Water (Eau Fraîche)

Fresh water contains a tiny amount of aromatic substance (less than 3%), giving off a soft, light fragrance. Due to its low concentration, this fragrance mist evaporates quickly.

Eau de Cologne

Contains 3-8% aromatic ingredients. The first perfume to see the light of day, eau de Cologne takes its name from an Italian perfumer who settled in Cologne, Germany. Its composition is 99% natural. Like fresh water, it evaporates quickly. You can be wearing cologne every day. 

Eau de Toilette

Suitable for sensitive skin, it was once used to mask unpleasant body odors. Today, it is a seductive asset. Containing 7 to 12% aromatic notes, it gives off a subtle fragrance that is perceived more by those around it than by the wearer. However, an eau de toilette's staying power can vary according to the raw material used.

Eau de Parfum

The more common eau de parfum has a concentration between 13 and 20%. Its heart and base notes are important, its hold and spread are rich and powerful. The eau de parfum remains on the skin all day.

Perfume (the most concentrated)Perfume is enriched with aromatic notes, ranging from 20 to 40%. This content gives it long-lasting hold. Because of its high concentration, toilet perfume leaves a base note on clothing. Perfume or perfume extract is manufactured by top-quality perfumeries, knowing that it is a high-end preparation.

How Often Should I Wear Perfume?

How often to apply cologne or perfume depends on the concentration of aromatic notes and how long they last.

In fact, if the perfume is not very concentrated, as in the case of eau de toilette, eau fraîche and eau de Cologne, it can be reapplied several times a day. In particular, it has been shown that this type of fragrance has a limited duration of 4 hours maximum.

The fragrance is gradually assimilated by the skin, giving you the impression of not smelling at all. Even if this means you don't smell it much during the day, be careful not to overdo it, so as not to inconvenience those around you. Perfume is best applied once a day, in the morning or evening before an important event.

Please note! All scented substances are best sprayed on the back of the neck or wrists.


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