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How to find your ideal eyebrow shape?

The eyebrow lends character to the face, while accentuating the gaze. Depending on their shape, eyebrows can help to highlight the features of a face. Whether you desire thin and defined eyebrows or thick and structured ones, the shape you give them will reflect your personality. Here are some tips to find the type of eyebrows that suit you.

Published July 17, 2023, updated on January 27, 2024, by Pauline, Head of Scientific Communication — 5 min read

What is the importance of eyebrows?

The eyebrows refer to two hair-filled areas of the face located above each eye at the brow ridge. In addition to the aesthetic importance attributed to them, eyebrows fulfill a protective role. Indeed, they form a primary barrier that prevents sweat and particles of dust and pollution from entering the eyes and causing irritation. Eyebrows also help to channel sweat and moisture away from the eyes, thus preventing any disruption of vision.

From an aesthetic perspective, eyebrows play a key role in the structure and expression of the face. They frame the eyes and can add character to one's gaze. Well-maintained eyebrows contribute to the overall harmony of a face and provide it with more expression. They help convey various emotions, such as joy, fear, or even anger. Playing with the shape of one's eyebrows allows one to alter the expression of their face and can soften or harden their features.

What is the "three-point method"?

When it comes to eyebrow shaping, the three-point method is often cited. This technique, which uses a ruler and a pencil, allows you to establish a baseline, an arch, and an upper line that will serve as a guide for plucking or drawing your eyebrows. However, it's important to note that the points obtained are only general references, and it's crucial to then adapt the shape of your eyebrows according to your preferences and their natural structure.

  1. The starting point : begin by placing a small ruler or any straight tool you have at the base of your nose, aligned with the inner corner of your eye. Then draw a small dot where the tool touches the base of your eyebrow arch. This dot represents the starting point of the lower line of your eyebrows.

  2. The arch of the eyebrow : Next, move the tool so that it passes through the center of your eye, always starting from the base of your nose. The point where the tool intersects your eyebrows is ideal for the arch of your eyebrows, that is, the point where the eyebrows are at their highest.

  3. The tail of the eyebrow : Next, rotate the tool and position it to form a line connecting the base of your nose with the outer corner of your eye. The point where the tool intersects your brow arch is the ideal endpoint for the upper line of your eyebrows.

Note : Nature is generally well-designed and it is rare that a natural eyebrow shape needs to be completely changed. The three-point method is more about enhancing the existing shape of your eyebrows.

Consider the shape of your face.

The ideal shape of your eyebrows is one that harmonizes with your face. Thus, to determine it, you must first identify the shape of your face. Is it more square, triangular, oval, or round? Once this step is completed, you can more easily find which eyebrow shape will enhance your features the most.

  • For square-shaped faces.

    This type of face is characterized by distinct features and a pronounced jawline. It is generally considered that thick, rounded or arched eyebrows enhance this face shape as they help to soften it. On the other hand, overly straight eyebrow shapes are discouraged as they could harden the features.

  • For round faces.

    To elongate and enhance a round face, we recommend angular and slightly arched eyebrows. These help to not accentuate the roundness of the face, while still maintaining its natural appearance.

  • For long faces.

    For an elongated face, the ideal eyebrow shape will be one that breaks its linear effect. Straight and thick eyebrows will particularly enhance this face shape. On the contrary, thin and very rounded eyebrows could give the face a surprised expression.

  • For triangle-shaped faces.

    Individuals with a triangular face typically have a narrow chin and a broad forehead. To harmonize and enhance their features, we recommend a rounded eyebrow shape. Very straight or highly arched eyebrows would be less flattering for an angular face.

Of course, these are only general guidelines, the most important thing is to find an eyebrow shape that you like.


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