Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

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Mode d'application d'un masque capillaire.

How to properly apply a hair mask?

The hair mask is a treatment designed to hydrate, nourish, and strengthen the hair. To reap all its benefits, it's important to know how to use it. Discover how to properly apply a hair mask.

The selection of the hair mask.

The hair mask is a rich treatment, concentrated in active ingredients. It will have an influence on the quality and beauty of the hair. It provides a complementary action to shampoos and conditioners.

There exist two categories of hair masks:

  • Those designed for lengths, suitable for all hair types. They are particularly recommended for curly, frizzy, and damaged hair. Normal hair can also benefit from this treatment to maintain their health.

  • Those intended for the scalp, are more specific to a hair-related issue. For instance, there are sebum-regulating and purifying masks for oily hair, and soothing masks for irritated scalps.

How to properly apply a hair mask?

Hair masks can be applied in various ways:

  • Before shampooing : masks intended for oily and/or irritated scalps are appliedbefore shampooing. In these cases, they are applied before washing the hair, on dry hair and at the roots, to cleanse or purify the scalp. The duration of application varies depending on the mask, but it is generally 30 minutes. In the case where the hair is very damaged and brittle (due to exposure to UV rays, chlorine, sea water, or hair coloring), repairing masks intended for the lengths are highly recommended before shampooing. This step allows for an intense repairing treatment to be provided to the hair. The mask should be applied on dry and dirty hair for a duration of at least 30 minutes or even overnight to allow the active ingredients to penetrate the hair fiber (a longer application time is preferred).

  • After shampooing : although applying a mask before shampooing has many virtues, applying a mask to the lengths after shampooing is more common. The shampoo cleanses the hair by removing impurities while providing some benefits (hydration, nutrition...) that are light and superficial. The conditioner is mainly there to facilitate detangling, even though it can also enhance the benefits of the shampoo. However, these two products are not as active as a hair mask which penetrates the hair fibers more deeply. After washing your hair with shampoo, your hair cuticles are open and ready to receive the active ingredients of a hair mask. Thoroughly wring out your hair and apply the hair mask from the top of the hair to the ends. Leave the mask on for between 5 and 10 minutes. Once the ten minutes have passed, rinse thoroughly.

For very dry and damaged hair (curly, frizzy), a hair mask can be used up to 2 times per week. Otherwise, to avoid weighing down the hair, favor 1 application per week.

Note : If you have normal hair, 1 application every two weeks will suffice.

Typology Repairing Hair Mask.

Comprised of 98% natural-origin ingredients, our restorative hair mask helps to restore the cohesion of the cuticle and fill in hair scales thanks to the synergy of 3 natural active ingredients:

  • The biomimetic ceramides act like a cement to restructure the fiber and fill in the hair's scales.

  • The mango butter repairs and prevents the appearance of split ends and reduces breakage.

  • Theavocado oil,rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, deeply penetrates the hair

This mask is suitable for all hair types but is particularly recommended for dry, damaged, and brittle hair. Apply a generous amount of mask from mid-lengths to ends. This mask should be used 1 to 2 times per week, before or after shampooing.


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