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How to use caffeine?

How to use caffeine?

Caffeine is primarily known as a component of the coffee that many people consume daily. It is also a frequently used ingredient in skincare product formulation. It is found in numerous skincare products for its stimulating properties and its ability to combat fatigue. Discover how to use caffeine in a beauty regimen.

What exactly is caffeine?

The caffeine is a stimulant that helps to speed up the functioning of the nervous system. This natural ingredient is found in many plants such as coffee, tea, mate, kola nut, etc. Depending on the variety, coffee beans can contain varieties of caffeine such as Arabica coffee or Robusta.

In its raw state, caffeine appears as a white powder with a bitter taste. Beyond its effects on the nervous and cardiovascular systems, caffeine also has effects on the skin. It is because of its effects on the skin that it has become an ingredient with interesting properties for designing beauty care products.

How to use caffeine in beauty care?

Thanks to its numerous properties, caffeine is incorporated into the design of many beauty treatments. Its inclusion in a beauty product is done cold at the end of preparation. This ingredient is not used as is, but must be diluted. Its dosage should not exceed 6% in a treatment.

  • Use of caffeine on the skin.

    Caffeine can be applied to the skin to combat skin sagging. Thanks to its draining properties, the caffeine helps to reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes. Available in cream form, it is gently applied to the eye contour. Just a few drops are sufficient, and the treatment can be used daily every morning. You can also enjoy the benefits of caffeine with our caffeine and niacinamide eye serum. It is suitable for all skin types and helps to reduce the appearance of purple dark circles, while restoring tone to the skin.

    Also containing antioxidants, caffeine is ideal for combating premature skin aging. For sensitive skin prone to redness, it is possible to apply a treatment containing caffeine to soothe feelings of discomfort. Always in the form of a cream, this treatment is gently applied to sensitive skin, the face, and the neck. It can be used every day, especially in the morning, to maintain the skin.

  • Use of caffeine on hair.

    The caffeine is applied to the scalp to stimulate the growth of clean and healthy hair fibers. The roots are strengthened, growth is accelerated, and hair loss is limited. It can also be used as a conditioner to soften the hair fiber and limit hair loss.

    Depending on the hair type, a shampoo or conditioner containing caffeine can be applied with each hair wash. When combined with other natural ingredients, caffeine can be used as a hair mask. This will help to cleanse the hair and make it more resilient. The mask should be applied approximately once every two weeks.


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