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Caffeine Skincare: What are the Opinions?

Caffeine Skincare: What are the Opinions?

Caffeine is a favored ingredient in the design of many beauty treatments. It is renowned for its stimulating and energizing properties. A slimming ally and a weapon against cellulite, it is also used in treatments to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Discover the opinions on this ingredient with numerous virtues.

Our expert opinion on the application of caffeine to the skin.

"The caffeine is an alkaloid from the methylxanthines family, which was discovered in coffee and tea about two centuries ago. It is primarily known for its slimming effect due to its lipolytic and draining properties. However, caffeine is also present in other cosmetics for a completely different indication: it is also frequently found in eye contour care as a vascular tonic, in skincare products against dull skin to stimulate the complexion's radiance, integrated into facial care to slow down the skin's photoaging process, or even to reduce redness with its anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive properties."

Reviews on our eye serum.

The eye serum super-concentrated in caffeine (5%) acts as a stimulant to promote blood and lymphatic microcirculation in order to diminish the bluish appearance of dark circles and reduce the swelling of under-eye bags, thereby restoring vitality and radiance to the gaze. The serum also contains silk tree extract (INCI name: Albizia Julibrissin Bark Extract) , an antioxidant and anti-glycation agent, effective against the phenomena responsible for the appearance of dark circles.

  • Celia G. (04/17/2019): "For a few weeks now, I've been applying a drop every evening and morning around my eyes, and I've noticed that it has started to improve the bags under my eyes. Shocked, not disappointed."

  • Rafaela B. (04/18/2019) : "I've been using the eye serum for a month now and I can see the results on my skin. Kudos to you and your team!"

  • Stéphanie G. (02/05/2019): "I'm thrilled. I tend to have bags under my eyes when I wake up and now, it's like magic, almost gone! I love it! And it's going to last forever, because a few drops are enough!"

  • Sandrine R. (06/05/2019): "I have very dark, brown-purple under-eye circles (it's genetic in my family). This serum is fantastic. Since I've been using it for the past 15 days, my circles are much less dark. Approaching 40 years old, this is the only product with which I've seen a real improvement, even though I've tried many treatments."

Quickly absorbed, the active base of this targeted treatment corrects the tired appearance of the eye contour. Result: the bluish aspect of dark circles is diminished, puffiness is decongested, and the gaze is brightened.

Reviews on our tinted under-eye concealer.

Available in 6 shades, thetinted concealer is a corrective formula that combines an anti-fatigue complex with adjustable coverage to reveal a unified, rested, and radiant look. Multi-purpose, it instantly camouflages visible signs of fatigue, as well as imperfections (redness, brown spots, acne scars, blemishes) with its pigment content, while correcting the appearance of dark circles and bags over the long term.

It is enriched with caffeine to stimulate blood microcirculation and effectively combat signs of fatigue, and with thecornflower hydrosol (INCI name: Centaurea Cyanus Flower Water) to reduce water retention, one of the main causes of puffiness, and soothe the delicate skin around the eye. The niacinamide helps to soothe redness and inflammation associated with blemishes due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Stéphanie M. (08/17/2021): "Covers dark circles very well, without a mask-like effect."

  • Jarmila B. (02/09/2021) : "This is probably the best concealer of all time, I am still amazed by it. It has several properties that, until now, I could not find all in one product: (1) it is surprisingly very covering (but of course you can tone it down if you do not like very covering products); (2) it is not at all drying. On the contrary, it is very hydrating; (3) it has a very good hold, it stays in place all day; (4) it gives a natural effect to the gaze."

  • Séverine B. (09/30/2021): "Anti-dark circle product No.2, perfect for my skin tone. There's no noticeable difference with my skin, it blends flawlessly: neither too light nor too heavy, just right. It doesn't settle into fine lines."

  • Emilie B. (12/14/2021): "Good coverage, moisturizing. Pleasant to apply."

  • Jennifer R. (12/31/2021): "Very practical, there's no need to apply a lot to conceal dark circles. The product spreads easily by dabbing without flaking or clumping. It's truly very easy to use and very effective."

  • Émilie C. (03/12/2022): "Combined with the tinted serum as a base, they have both replaced the other products in my kit. Having a tan skin, I apply the light shade in winter and the medium one in summer. The result is natural and no more mask effect that oxidizes throughout the day! No need for touch-ups either. I have very pronounced brown circles: I can assure you that this one largely keeps its promises! Applied alone or after a light orange corrector (for brown circles, one should not dream of making them disappear in one go), it brightens the gaze with its hydrating and decongesting properties. The gaze is fresher and less tired. It does not settle into fine lines. The skin is therefore cared for and enhanced, it does not dry out. All the imperfections and redness of my skin are also camouflaged: I apply it on my nose and locally on my forehead/cheeks as a corrector."

  • Delphine C. (04/11/2022) : "This is the first under-eye concealer I've used (and I've tried a bunch) that doesn't settle into the eye's creases and provides good coverage, without creating a cakey effect."

Thanks to its light and fluid texture, it blends with the delicate skin around the eyes without accentuating wrinkles and without a mask-like effect. The result: the eye contour is even and hydrated for a natural and luminous finish all day long.

Reviews on our firming body cream.

The toning body cream is recommended to restore flexibility and tone to the skin, and to reduce localized subcutaneous fat overload (cellulite). Dosed at 2%, caffeine facilitates local lipolysis and the elimination of fat clusters. In addition to caffeine, the formula also includesguarana extract (INCI name: Paullinia Cupana Seed Extract).Thanks to its composition rich in guaranine and antioxidants, it has numerous properties: it activates blood microcirculation, reduces the thickness of subcutaneous adipose tissue, protects the skin from the effects of free radicals, and tones skin tissues. Finally, the coffee butter (INCI name: Coffea Arabica (Coffee) Seed Oil), nourishing and softening, allows for a pleasant application and absorption by the skin.

  • Heli S. (01/13/2022) : "Pleasant texture that absorbs quickly. The cream is quite effective and the appearance of cellulite visibly diminishes."

  • Maureen D. (04/09/2022): "Significantly reduced my cellulite. Combined with the toning scrub, I no longer have pain in my thighs or buttocks thanks to these products."

  • Pauline D. (04/25/2022): "I really like this cream, I apply it to targeted areas of my body every day. My skin is well hydrated, which helps to firm it up. The smell is not unpleasant and reminds me of peanut butter. It absorbs quickly, so you can get dressed soon after application."

  • Sunday R. (01/05/2022): "I use this product every day. I think I might apply a bit too much, but I've already seen a noticeable improvement!"

  • Bianca N. (01/10/2023) : "This makes my skin so soft and helps fight against cellulite. It's the softest skin I've ever had."

For optimal absorption, the application of the skincare product should be combined with a dynamic massage, tailored to different parts of the body, in addition to providing an overall sense of well-being. Its creamy and light texture facilitates this process without being greasy.


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