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La fleur d'oranger : un allié naturel pour le soin des bébés et des enfants.

Orange Blossom: A Natural Ally in the Care of Babies and Children.

Orange blossom is a small white flower with a sweet and fragrant scent that grows on the Bitter Orange tree, a tree native to Asia that can grow up to 15 meters high. A hydrolate and an essential oil are extracted from this plant, both used in skin care for their soothing and regenerating properties. Discover the benefits of orange blossom floral water for infants and children.

The Orange Blossom: In What Form Can It Be Used for Babies and Children?

The orange blossom comes from a tree called Bigaradier or Bitter Orange. Its distillation by steam provides a hydrosol with multiple virtues. In skin care, it is used to revive dull complexions and fight against aging skin. This is due to its antioxidant and regenerating properties. As a mild compound, it has an excellent skin tolerance; it is thus adapted to the often more sensitive skin of toddlers.
Note: The essential oil of orange blossom called Neroli essence contains the same active molecules as the hydrolat but in higher concentrations. For this reason, its use as a topical, ingestion and inhalation is not recommended for children under 6 years. Nevertheless, after this age, a few drops of this essential oil on the wrist can help children to relax and help them fall asleep.

Orange Blossom Hydrolate: What Are Its Benefits for Babies and Children?

On the one hand, this floral water constitutes a remedy against colics: infants frequently suffer from colic after a meal. These painful attacks are caused by spasms of the intestine. They are characterized by a hard stomach, legs which stiffen, a red face and crying attacks. Orange blossom floral water is a natural remedy for these pains. It is thus advised to add some drops in the bottle or in the food to relieve the infant. This hydrosol can be combined with chamomile water, also known for its calming properties.
On the other hand, orange blossom water promotes sleep. The monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes it contains, such as linalool and limonene, soothe tension and calm the nervous system, promoting relaxation that helps you fall asleep. To take advantage of these benefits, this hydrosol can be used by vaporization, like a mist. It is advised to spray it on the pillow, the sheets, the comforter or even in the baby's baby carriage, before bedtime. It may also be appropriate to pour a few drops of this hydrolate into the bath before bedtime, to promote relaxation. You can also mix a small amount of orange blossom hydrosol with a vegetable oil such as Calendula or Olive oil. Then apply this mixture to the solar plexus, the arch of the foot and along the spine of the child and massage gently.

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