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Pink Grapefruit Extract and Hair: What are the Effects?

We all know and love grapefruit for its delicious pink flesh, not to mention the numerous health benefits it provides. The aqueous extract of grapefruit is used in dermo-cosmetics to stimulate cell renewal and refine the skin's texture. But what are its virtues when applied to hair?

An overview of pink grapefruit extract.

Grapefruit and pomelo are often confused. In fact, these two fruits belong to the genus Citrus, which includes the majority of citrus fruits. The pomelo tree (Citrus maxima) produces enormous fruits, the grapefruits. However, this is not the one we consume in Europe! Indeed, it is the pomelo (Citrus paradisi) that is present in our supermarkets, whichis incorrectly called grapefruit.The confusion around the name of these two fruits has been ongoing for a long time and a change in nomenclature is not being considered.

The grapefruit, the ancestor of the pomelo, is consumed in the West Indies and Tahiti. Originating from China, it is sometimes sold in France under the name of Chinese pomelo.The pomelo, commonly called grapefruit in France, is a fruit resulting from the natural crossbreeding between the grapefruit tree (Citrus maxima) and the sweet orange (Citrus sinensis). While the grapefruit comes from Southeast Asia, the pomelo is native to the Caribbean.

In dermo-cosmetics, thegrapefruit extract (which is actually pomelo extract) is a powerful purifying and sanitizing ally for the skin. Known by the I.N.C.I. name "Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Fruit Extract", this aqueous extract is obtained by microwave extractionfrom whole fruits derived from organic farming. No preservatives are added to the final product. The recommended percentage of this natural ingredient in a cosmetic formula is 3%.

Pink grapefruit extract can be incorporated into lotions and creams. Additionally, this active ingredient can be added to numerous hair cleansing treatments such as shampoos and to serums promoting hair growth. Pink grapefruit extract is suitable for all hair types, especially for hair prone to dandruff and requiring appropriate cleansing.

What are the properties of pink grapefruit extract for hair?

The extract of pink grapefruit possesses numerous properties.

  • It is renowned for being a natural fortifier of the hair fiber. Thanks to its invigorating virtues, it brings vitality to dull hair. Indeed, the active ingredients it contains deeply strengthen the hair and prevent its fall.

  • The extract of pink grapefruit aids in boosting microcirculation. Thanks to its content of vitamins A and C, it helps stimulate hair growth and the health of the follicles. These follicles feed on the nutrients and oxygen from the blood. When the blood flow is sufficient, the hair grows more, gaining thickness and volume.

  • It helps your hair and scalp to maintain their hydration due to its Vitamin E content.

  • It is renowned for lightening the hair and enhancing natural highlights. Pink grapefruit extract can be used in certain treatments such as conditioners. Indeed, it makes the hair healthy and shiny without weighing it down.

  • It promotes the overall health of the scalp by alleviating dryness and eliminating dandruff. Indeed, this plant extract balances or stabilizes the scalp's microbiome due to an imbalance of bacteria and yeast. Moreover, this active ingredient possesses moisturizing and nourishing properties that keep dandruff at bay.

  • Pink grapefruit extract reduces breakage: the antioxidants it contains neutralize free radicals and protect the hair from damage. Furthermore, this active ingredient helps to prevent hair loss as well as graying hair.

Furthermore, pink grapefruit extract can be beneficial both internally and externally. Indeed, it reduces intestinal inflammation which impacts hair health.


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