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Discover our top recommendations for fine lines + wrinkles.

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Should we shower in the evening or in the morning?

Should we shower in the evening or in the morning?

While some people prefer to shower in the morning, others choose to do it in the evening. The question of when is the best time to shower remains a dilemma. Indeed, showering in the evening or in the morning each has its advantages depending on your profile. Here is some clarification on this subject.

The morning shower: who is it for?

The morning shower is primarily known to be an energizing one, which invigorates. Therefore, if you're the type who struggles to wake up, the morning shower can be of great assistance. On the other hand, you should know that a refreshing cold morning shower also acts as a venotonic, stimulating blood circulation and contributing to the oxygenation of the organs and body.

Similarly, you should know that a morning shower is intended for you if you:

  • Engage in physical activity at dawn ;

  • Are you someone who thrives in creativity, as it immerses you in a state of alertness and relaxation simultaneously, akin to meditation, thus enabling you to easily generate new ideas? ;

  • Have oily skin, as it allows for the cleansing of excess sebum secreted by the body during the night ;

  • You typically sweat a lot during your sleep.

On the other hand, be aware that if you're prone to cutting yourself while shaving, a morning shower can alleviate this issue. Indeed, blood coagulates more quickly in the early part of the day.

For your morning shower, for instance, you could use our Nettle Purifying Wash Care.

The evening shower: who is it for?

The evening shower, on the other hand, is seen as a relaxing shower. Indeed, it helps to de-stress, recover, and fall asleep quickly. This allows one to be in an optimal state of productivity the next day. However, unlike the morning shower, a hot shower would be preferable here.

At the same time, know that an evening shower is intended for you if you:

  • Engage in sports after work, especially if your job is rather dirty ;

  • Having trouble falling asleep or if you are insomniac ;

  • If you are allergic or if you have acne, as pollen particles and bacteria can proliferate in your bed ;

  • Have dry skin, as it will strip your skin which will then regenerate itself overnight.

On the other hand, unlike a morning shower, an evening shower also allows you to have dry hair in the morning before going out. Try our 10-ingredient Shampoo for this.

For your evening shower, you could, for instance, use our gentle shea butter cleansing care or our hydrating palmarosa cleansing care.

Is it possible to take 2 showers a day?

Taking 2 showers a day can be harmful to the skin as it may cause it to dry out. It is best to take a shower every other day, but a daily shower can also be perfectly fine.


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