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Should we take a shower every day?

Should we take a shower every day?

Some people question the necessity of showering every day. Indeed, it turns out that in most cases, daily soaping could be harmful to the skin. This topic has sparked debate numerous times, so what is the real situation?

The unexpected benefits of showering.

After a long day at work, or an intense day filled with emotions and pressure, one of the things that feels good when returning home is taking a nice shower. Indeed, water is beneficial for both the body and the mind. Some people therefore choose to shower, not just for cleanliness, but primarily to clear their minds and de-stress. In fact, water creates negative air ionization, which soothes the autonomic nervous system. This means that when the body is in contact with water and air (especially when naked in the shower), the tensions of the nervous system instantly calm down.

Furthermore, showering allows for skin renewal by removing layers of dead skin that prevent it from "breathing" healthily. Showering is a way to deeply exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin and residues that suffocate it. Dead skin hinders the skin's oxygenation and can lead to the appearance of pimples, redness, and other issues. Moreover, when dead skin is thick on the epidermis, it interferes with the body's thermal regulation. Individuals with oily skin or those who are overweight are more likely to encounter this problem.

What effects do daily showers have?

While dead skin cells can be harmful to the body when they accumulate, meaning when they are not regularly removed, they do serve a purpose. In fact, these cells protect the skin's hydrolipidic film. This film ensures the skin's hydration and acts as a barrier that prevents various bacteria from reaching our body. Daily showering, especially for more than 10 minutes, removes a portion of this protective barrier each time. As a result, the skin quickly becomes dry and vulnerable to diseases. On average, the skin should renew itself every 21 days. This is the average time it takes to remove dead skin cells through showering or exfoliation.

The ideal frequency for showering.

Obviously, it's not practical to wait 21 days to take a shower. However, it turns out that it's not necessary to bathe every day, unless you're exposed to pollutants or dirt on a daily basis. In fact, the ideal shower frequency varies from one individual to another, depending on activities, occupation, environment, lifestyle, etc. For instance, a person who works on a construction site or in a kitchen needs to wash more than someone who works from home, away from pollution and dirt.

Furthermore, sweat production varies from person to person. Men and women experience cleanliness differently: some feel the need to take one or two showers a day, while others can comfortably go without. This difference is also accentuated by age and gender. For instance, men often need to shower more frequently, as male hormones stimulate sebum secretion. This leads to an accumulation of dead skin cells. Additionally, men tend to sweat more intensely. Therefore, the ideal average frequency would be a shower every other day. To gently exfoliate the face and body, we offer a 100% natural poppy care soap that cleanses and exfoliates.


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