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Avis soins Typology au coenzyme Q10.

Some opinions on coenzyme Q10 skincare treatments.

The coenzyme Q10 has become a popular ingredient in skincare design to mitigate the signs of aging. It has numerous benefits for skin maintenance. At Typology, we also use it in the formulation of our products. Discover the various reviews from our customers on our Q10-based skincare.

Eye cream for wrinkles and fine lines with Q10 and prickly pear oil: what do customers think?

In the creation of our eye cream for wrinkles and fine lines, we have combined Q10 with Prickly Pear oil. This combination of active ingredients allows this treatment to hydrate and prevent the appearance of initial wrinkles around the eyes. Here are some comments from our users about it:

  • Tiphaine L. (02/24/21) : "Honestly impressed with the results, even after a week. So far, this is the most effective cream I've tested, I will definitely use it again!"

  • Charlotte S. (03/24/21) : "I've been using this eye contour cream for a month now. It hydrates well, I find that my eye contour is less pronounced."

  • Nadia W. (06/18/21) : "Magical! This is a product that every woman should have: it smooths the skin of the eyelids and my under-eye bags are deflated. Bravo!"

  • Gwen P. (05/18/21) : "Absolute comfort, total hydration, very pleasant smell and texture. Morning and evening for my routine. Results: smoothed, soothed gaze."

Based on customer feedback, a few days of application are enough to appreciate its effects. Not only does the treatment reduce wrinkles around the eye contours, but it also hydrates the area. Its application is pleasant and soothing due to its light texture. This treatment also works on under-eye bags. The eye contours and eyelids are smoothed, resulting in a refreshed look and a soothed skin.


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