Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Les avis sur la phytokératine.

Some opinions on phytokeratin.

Similar to the keratin naturally found in skin, nails, and hair, phytokeratin is a 100% natural and plant-based ingredient. Among our products, this ingredient is included in several treatments for nails and hair. Find our customers' reviews on these phytokeratin-based treatments.

Published February 16, 2024, by Sandrine, Scientific Editor — 6 min read

Phytokeratin: Ingredient Spotlight.

Keratin is a sulfur-rich fibrous protein that forms the outermost layers of the epidermis and appendages (nails, hair, and fur). Generally, the keratin used in cosmetics is of animal origin. At Typology, we have chosen to opt for a plant-based alternative: phytokeratin, referred to as Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein or Hydrolyzed Sweet Almond Protein on I.N.C.I. lists.

This is a fine beige powder composed of hydrolyzed wheat or almond proteins,meaning they are broken down into smaller proteins that will thus have better penetration and interaction at the level of the skin, hair, and nails surface. Phytokeratin is obtained through an enzymatic process.

Your opinions on our skincare products containing phytokeratin.

Margaux (02/20/2019): "After years of applying semi-permanent polish to my nails, they have become completely dry and damaged. So, I wanted to test this product and now I apply it regularly to my nails. I have observed that they are revitalized and strengthened again! The bonus: the size. It's so cute. I carry it in my bag every day."

Lea C. (03/09/2019): "A very good product to add to any hand cream. Just do it a few nights and your hands will recover!"

Guillaume D. (01/24/2020): "After purchasing this skincare product, the strength and appearance of my nails have improved. I am happy with my choice."

Delphine L. (05/19/2022) : "This product is amazing! My nails were soft, split, and brittle. After a short period of application, they have become firmer. "

Users of the Hand & Nail Serum have observed an improvement in the quality of their nails, noting enhanced resilience. In addition to the beneficial effects on the nails, this serum hydrates dry and damaged hands.

Julie P. (12/15/2021): "I have been suffering from dandruff and itchy scalp for years. I have never really been able to find a shampoo that solves the problem. And now, miracle! In just 2 shampoos, the problem is completely solved with a very clean composition! I can't believe it."

Sereno G. (01/11/2022): "My flakes have disappeared! There's no need to apply a lot to the hair. The equivalent of a teaspoon is more than enough."

Lilian L. (01/26/2022)) " For a long time, I had been searching for an effective anti-dandruff shampoo that was free of chemicals. I have finally found it! My dry dandruff, scalp itchiness...: everything disappeared in no time! "

Alexandra H. (03/11/2022): "Crazy shampoo! By the 2nd shampoo, I no longer had dandruff, even though it was persistent."

Reviews on this shampoo prove its formidable effectiveness against dandruff. It soothes scalp irritations and itchiness and fights against dandruff.

Valérie J. (12/18/2021): "This shampoo is very good, my hair is shiny and flexible!"

Riveslange C. (11/19/2021): "Pleasant application, it gives a bit more volume and a certain movement to my straight hair."

Patricia M. (12/28/2021): "I have a very sensitive scalp (psoriasis, dermatitis) and no reaction with this shampoo! Fantastic."

Marion M. (04/27/2022) : " I have fine hair and it really adds volume while moisturizing. Great product with a clean composition. I've ordered it three times already."

In conclusion, the volumizing shampoo enhances the hair's beauty. The phytokeratin helps to fill in the gaps on the surface of the hair fiber, coats the hair in a protective film, and smooths the cuticle. Fragile hair regains substance and shine, while damaged hair becomes more flexible and soft.

Marie-Astrif F. (12/16/2021): "I had rather damaged hair recently. It tended to tangle easily and become dull. This mask was the solution: intense hydration, shine, easy to style, and a very pleasant scent! Pure delight."

Melissa G. (12/30/2021): "Soft and nourished hair without weighing it down."

Garance T. (03/07/2022): "I was delighted with the result. My hair was enhanced and became softer. I use it once a week."

Sarah M. (4/05/2022) : " I have thick, long hair, with particularly dry ends. This mask works wonders: not only does it repair my damaged ends, but it also restores an incredible shine and softness to my hair that it had lost over the past few years. While no hair treatment had ever convinced me enough to repurchase it, I just reordered this one! "

This mask, enriched with phytokeratin, biomimetic ceramides, and plant oils, restructures the hair fiber and fills in the hair's cuticles. The hair is repaired and enhanced.


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