New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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Avis squalane.

Some opinions on squalane.

Squalane is a component of many skin and hair care products due to its excellent emollient and moisturizing properties. Find an expert's opinion on this ingredient, as well as your feedback on our products enriched with plant-derived squalane.


Stéphanie Soule, Scientific Communication Manager at Typology, shares her opinion.

"Squalane is a active emollient. It not only softens the touch of formulas but also brings benefits to the skin and hair. Being one of the main components of sebum that makes up the hydrolipidic film, it is perfectly tolerated by the skin and strengthens its barrier function. It thus fights against dehydration. Moreover, it is also recommended to maintain the hydration of the hair fiber or to protect the hair when using heating devices (straightening iron, hair dryer) thanks to its thermo-protective properties. Originally, squalane was extracted from the livers of sharks. This extraction process is increasingly regulated but unfortunately a large proportion of this active ingredient on the international market is still of animal origin. At Typology, we only use plant-based squalane, either derived from the unsaponifiable fraction of olive oil or extracted from sugarcane."

Your opinions on our squalane treatments.

We have formulated several skincare products using this lipophilic hydrocarbon known for its moisturizing and softening properties. Here are some reviews from our users regarding these products.

Natalia D. (11/19/2020) :"Excellent solution for acne-prone skin.The texture is very light. The product does not clog pores. Not comedogenic at all."

Michelle A. (10/10/2020):"Perfect complexion without a mask effect. Matches my skin tone. No need for a lot of product. With 3 drops and a brush, I apply my serum. Feels light. No clumping/mask effect. My skin can breathe. A very good alternative to foundation. For my part, I alternate with my usual organic BB cream."

Gaelle A. (12/10/2020): "Perfect for those who want a light finish and to see their skin in transparency, yet the complexion is well unified and luminous. The finish is very natural and the color blends well with the skin. Moreover, I have small patches of dryness that tend to be accentuated with complexion products, which is not the case here. To date, this is the best product in the tinted cream/serum category that I have tested."

Gaelle C. (10/06/2021):"Extremely hydrating cream. The skin is once again more supple."

Lena M. (07/17/2020): "Its fragrance reminds me of almond! I've been using it for barely 10 days and I already see a significant difference in my skin's hydration. It's softer, and truly nourished! I love it!"

Ingrid C. (07/25/2020):"A fluid cream that's easy to apply. Flawless skin all day. I highly recommend."

Jennifer (06/23/2020) : "My intolerant skin could not tolerate any cosmetics, even pure vegetable oils. Squalane simply hydrated my skin, it's soft and plump! Very easy to use, it's a miracle for my dry skin!"

Peggy (10/04/2019) : "Very hydrating, I use it in the evening and my skin is softer and more supple when I wake up."

Andréa T. (03/14/2022) : "Ultra-hydrating serum. Odorless. A pleasure to apply."

Clara C. (11/05/2020) : "This product was quickly incorporated into my evening routine, offering a texture that nourishes the skin without leaving a greasy or shiny finish. It has a subtle scent of essential oil, and my skin already appears more supple and firmer. I love it."

Geraldine S. (02/11/2020) : "I use it in the evening. Good result: upon waking, my skin is more plump and less wrinkled!"

Stéphane D. (12/02/2021) : "A sensation of hydration before bed without being too greasy. And a very pleasant fragrance!"

Elodie V. (05/06/2020) : "I find this product excellent. Having very dry skin, after applying this product, it no longer feels tight. The hydration lasts until the next morning."

Claire B. (09/28/2020) : "Very satisfied. The oil stays on the surface just long enough for a little facial massage before going to bed. It is quickly absorbed and does not stain the sheets. I have acne-prone skin and after 3 months of use, I still have no issues, quite the contrary."

Suzanne D. (07/29/2020) : "This oil smells very good. It's a pleasure to apply it in the evening. Every morning, my skin feels much softer than the day before."

Chloé C. (09/06/2021) : "Very pleasant, I've used it several times already, I love everything about it, the texture, the smell, the feeling upon rinsing. It's a favorite."

Isabelle P. (04/04/2021) : "I'm captivated by the scent and texture of this exfoliant that leaves the skin fresh and soft. It's a real pleasure to apply. No feeling of tightness, my skin is brighter since I've been using it and it enhances the effectiveness of the serums and treatments that follow."

Myriam M. (05/06/2021) : "This scrub is very pleasant and delicately scented. It instantly restores radiance and perfectly refines the skin texture. It should be used on dry skin, not dampened."

Epicerie S. (12/23/2021) : "This body cream is ultra-nourishing, I love its bitter almond fragrance, my skin stays supple without being greasy. A success!"

Pascale F. (02/13/2022) : "A very pleasant cream to apply. Nourishing and allows you to get dressed immediately after as it absorbs quickly."

Sophie D. (02/18/2022): "The cream absorbs quickly and leaves the skin very well hydrated. Its almond fragrance is delightful."

Jennifer R. (01/23/2022) : "Firstly, it truly smells divine, and then I find that indeed my skin is much more hydrated and very soft."

Peggy B. (01/22/2022) : "Leaves a veil of softness on the skin. A light film but not greasy. A soft and hydrated skin."

Abigail G. (01/19/2022) : "I love its scent and texture. It leaves my skin so soft."

Your opinions on our hair care products.

When applied to hair, squalane forms a protective film on the hair's surface to shield it from dehydration. It also possesses smoothing and coating properties, and aids in repairing the hair fiber. The result is shinier and smoother hair. Squalane has a strong affinity with the scalp, restoring its hydrolipidic film and providing comfort while preserving its hydration, without making it greasy. Due to these virtues, squalane is included in our nourishing shampoo as well as in our two hair oils.

Caroline D. (03/14/2022) : "Very pleasant shampoo, it doesn't make the hair greasy, leaving it flexible and light. I only use this one now."

Marie-Pierre B. (01/31/2022) : "The hair is moisturized, soft. No need for detangler. A very good product that I recommend!"

Kylie G. (12/16/2021): "This shampoo is gentle yet deeply cleansing. It leaves my dry hair nourished and soft, with a very subtle natural fragrance."

Lea G. (09/13/2021):"A product that smells really good and nourishes the ends well."

Sylvette H. (02/27/2022) : "Perfect, I love this product that makes my hair shiny but not greasy, only a few drops should be applied."

Alexandra B. (03/03/2022) : "Excellent for my son who has extremely dry, even kinky hair."

Louise N. (09/22/2021) : "This dry oil repairs hair very well and makes it very soft. The fact that all the ingredients are natural is a plus!"

Sharon L. (12/14/2021) : "This oil smooths my fine, curly hair without weighing it down. I only need a drop or two. The bottle is also very convenient to carry in your bag!"

Michele C. (06/09/2021): "Immediate effect, hair in better condition."


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