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Soybean oil to help increase breast size?

Soybean oil to help increase breast size?

The use of natural ingredients is becoming increasingly popular. Among the most popular is soybean oil, which can be used both in cooking and as a cosmetic. It provides numerous benefits to the skin, notably nourishing, hydrating, and repairing. It is also credited with unexpected volumizing virtues on the breasts. Fact or fiction? Let's decipher this trend.

Published January 31, 2024, updated on January 31, 2024, by Pauline, Head of Scientific Communication — 3 min read

Volume-enhancing treatment for breast augmentation: what are we talking about?

"Volumizing" creams have been gaining popularity in the cosmetic market in recent years, aligning with the new trend of desiring fuller breasts and rounder buttocks. These treatments come in various formulations and are intended for specific use on the breasts, buttocks, but also the cheeks or lips.

The efficacy of these creams is purported to be based on their concentration of fenugreek or anemarrhena root, compounds that are said, albeit without scientific proof, to help stimulate adipose growth.

The effectiveness of volumizing skincare treatments also relies on the presence of phytoestrogens in their formula. These non-steroidal compounds are found in several plants and have a molecular structure similar to that of estradiol, a steroid hormone in the human body. This characteristic allows them to bind to the body's estrogen receptors, thereby causing estrogenic or anti-estrogenic effects. However, while the action of phytoestrogens in topical application has been extensively studied, no volumizing effect on the breasts has been demonstrated.

Thus, the effectiveness of so-called "volumizing" treatments appears to be more than doubtful and is not based on any scientific evidence.

Soybean Oil: A Natural Alternative for Breast Augmentation?

Originating from East Asia, soy is a protein-rich food that is widely used in vegetarian diets. From its beans, it is possible to extract a vegetable oil rich in benefits for the skin and hair. From an organoleptic perspective, soy oil has a beautiful golden to orange color, with a dry touch, and its scent is not particularly pronounced. The richness in fatty acids of this vegetable oil provides nourishing and hydrating properties for the epidermis and hair fibers.

Sometimes we find traces of isoflavones in soybean oil, molecules that belong to the phytoestrogen family, which is why it is sometimes attributed with volumizing properties. However, just like creams that claim to have this effect, no scientific study has proven that soybean oil has any volumizing power on the breasts. It is only possible to assert that regular application of soybean oil on the skin makes it more supple and firmer.


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