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Sunken Eyes

Definition: Formation of a V-shaped hollow under the eyes (which can extend to the cheekbones in some cases) that can appear dark depending on the light. This is due to orbital fat loss between the skin of the lower eyelid and the bone towards the cheekbones, resulting in a loss of volume. This phenomenon is often related to the natural aging process.
Internal and external causes: Effects of aging, hereditary factors, significant weight loss.
How to reduce or eliminate: Aesthetic medicine (injection of hyaluronic acid, botox), cosmetic surgery (malar bag lift, lipostructure of dark circles); use a concealer to fight against the shadows created by the hollow eyes.
Preventative steps to take: Apply moisturizing and antioxidant-enriched care products (Q10, prickly pear oil, hyaluronic acid, etc...) to the eye contour area.