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The benefits of showering.

Taking a shower is an almost innocuous act, yet so essential to the hygiene and well-being of the body and mind. Indeed, showering is not just for cleaning, it has many surprising effects. What are the benefits of showering and what are the right practices to adopt?

What are the benefits of a morning shower?

Many people cannot start their workday without taking a refreshing shower right after waking up. The morning shower, after a night's sleep, gently helps to "kickstart the engine". The water helps to awaken muscles that have been idle during the night and invigorates the joints. Beyond the act of cleanliness, the morning shower prepares both the body and mind to face a busy day. It contributes to productivity and, most importantly, promotes a good mood.

To enhance the benefits, choose a shower gel with an invigorating fragrance such as citrus, tart fruits, white flowers, etc.

Regarding temperature, most people opt for a warm or lukewarm shower, which provides a comforting and well-being moment. However, it is preferable not to exceed 102.2°F. A cold shower, especially in the summer, is also appreciated for stimulating venous return and firming the skin. Moreover, cold water makes the hair shine.

What are the benefits of an evening shower?

After a hard and long day, there is nothing as soothing as taking a shower before slipping into comfortable clothes and retreating to a cozy bed or couch. An evening shower helps rid the body of sweat, pollution, and other grime. Indeed, after spending hours outdoors, especially in the summer, the skin accumulates bacteria and other impurities that risk clogging the pores and causing unpleasant odors. But beyond just cleaning us, the evening shower is relaxing. It combats fatigue and relaxes the muscles, heavy legs, and body tensions. When you have suffered from the heat during the day, the evening shower cools you down. In short, you emerge from it feeling lighter and less stressed.

For enjoyment, choose cleansing treatments with nourishing virtues such as our collection of cold saponified soaps with an 8% superfat and 100% natural ingredients.

Regarding temperature, opt for a rather warm shower of 98.6-100.4°F to relieve muscle contractions. On the other hand, during summer vacations, a cold shower, around 68°F, will do you good.

Best practices for a shower that does good.

In order to mitigate the drying and harmful effects of daily showering, here are some tips to put into practice:

  • Limit the frequency or duration of showers, especially if you lead a rather sedentary lifestyle, if you are often indoors, in a temperate climate; if you do not engage in intense physical efforts...

  • Choose a daily sponge bath over a shower: it involves washing only the odor-producing areas and exposed parts of the body: the feet and hands, the face, the armpits, and the private areas.

  • In terms of water temperature: use lukewarm to warm water for washing and lukewarm to cool water for rinsing.

  • Do not stay under the shower for more than 10 minutes.

  • Use a gentle cleanser with a simple formulation such as Typology's gentle shea wash, coconut oil, olive oil.


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