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The Brazilian bikini wax: women's preferred hair removal method.

There is a wide range of choices when it comes to bikini hair removal for women, but the Brazilian bikini often wins out. Brazilian bikini hair removal: what is it? What are the best methods to achieve a successful Brazilian bikini? This article focuses on this renowned form of hair removal.

Published August 7, 2023, updated on February 8, 2024, by Manon, Scientific Editor — 3 min read

What exactly is Brazilian bikini waxing?

The Brazilian bikini wax owes its name to the bikinis worn by Brazilian samba dancers. This method of hair removal is situated halfway between a full wax and a traditional wax. Indeed, it involves removing all pubic hair, leaving only a small, trimmed triangle visible. The Brazilian wax is practical for wearing a high-cut swimsuit or form-fitting lingerie.

Currently, there are two options when it comes to Brazilian bikini waxing. The first involves also removing the hair from the labia majora. In this case, the tip of the triangle stops above the vulva. The second option, on the other hand, involves leaving a thin strip of hair on the labia majora. Note that Brazilian waxing poses no health risks. However, redness and irritation may occur if the area to be waxed is not properly hydrated.

What are the steps to follow for a successful Brazilian wax?

It is essential to prepare your skin before bikini waxing for optimal results and to adopt certain practices.

  • Disinfect the area to be waxed.

    To carry out a hygienic Brazilian bikini wax, disinfect the area to be treated with an alcohol-free lotion.

  • Perform a scrub regularly.

    To simplify hair removal, exfoliate your bikini area once or twice a week. Besides facilitating cellular renewal, exfoliating the bikini area allows for a clean and aesthetic hair removal while preventing the appearance of ingrown hairs.

  • The choice of hair removal method.

    Even though there are several methods for Brazilian bikini hair removal, waxing is the most common method. However, it is highly recommended to have it done in a professional salon, as this will ensure a more lasting result and avoid the risk of burns. It provides results for at least 3 weeks by removing the hair bulb.

    The depilatory cream is not recommended, as it can cause irritations and inflammations on the mucous membranes. Moreover, the effects only last a few days. For lasting results, it is possible to consider permanent hair removal methods, such as laser hair removal orintense pulsed light hair removal.


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