New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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The Reviews About Our Concealer.

The Reviews About Our Concealer.

under the eyes, signs of fatigue. At Typology, we offer tinted concealers to brighten the eye area and revive the complexion. See what our customers have to say about them. Some say its the best Concealer on the market.

Published March 12, 2024, by Sandrine, Scientific Editor — 7 min read

Typology Tinted Concealer

At Typology, we have developed a range of tinted skincare products that are hybrid products, meaning they are positioned between skincare and makeup. They provide an even complexion and at the same time care for the skin in the long term. In this product family, you will find our lip oils, lip balms, tinted serums, but also our tinted concealers.

As mentioned above, our tinted concealer is a true hybrid product combining skincare and makeup. Its formula is designed for the thin skin around the eyes and instantly softens the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, thanks to high coverage as a colored  with a natural finish. Compared to a traditional concealer, our tinted concealer will not only cover dark circles, but also target them. Caffeine promotes circulation and reduces water retention, reducing the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. Cornflower hydrosol helps to support the effect of caffeine by stimulating blood circulation. Due to its decongestant effect, it stimulates the removal of fluid accumulated under the eyes. It also contains niacinamide (vitamin B3), which helps reduce the appearance of blue circles under the eyes by stimulating blood flow. Additionally, it provides a more even complexion.

Our concealer can also be used to cover and soften blemishes. In fact, niacinamide helps restore the skin's barrier function and is involved in the healing process. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that work against skin blemishes.

We have developed six different concealer colors according to the FITZPATRICK phototype scale:

  • Type 1: Very light - pale skin with cool undertones. Does not tan and turns red in the sun.

  • Type 2: Light - pale skin with pink or yellow undertones. Tans gradually, tends to sunburn.

  • Type 3: medium - peau médium with predominantly warm or olive undertones. Tans easily, but sometimes burns.

  • Type 4: dull - dull skin with predominantly bronze undertones. Sunburn occurs occasionally.

  • Type 5: brown - brown skin with warm undertones. Sunburn is rare, the skin turns brown in the sun.

  • Type 6: dark brown - dark skin with predominantly cool undertones. Sunburn is rare and an exception.

Some Reviews About Our Concealers

Find here the feedback of our customers after regular use of the concealer.

Dominique J. (12/08.2021): "Color 2 is perfect for me, literally melts into my skin and instantly brightens my face."

Jarmila B. (02/09/21): "This is probably the best concealer ever, I am still amazed by it. It has several properties, which until now, I could not find together, in one product:

  • It's surprisingly high coverage (but, of course, you can tone it down if you don't like high coverage products).

  • And yet, it's not drying at all. On the contrary, it's very hydrating.

  • It has a very good hold. It stays on all day.

  • It looks very natural, like the skin.

  • For all that, it's almost ridiculously cheap. There are tons of concealers out there that have some of these properties, but never all of them at once: either a concealer has great coverage, but it's drying and doesn't look natural, or it's skin-like and moisturizing, but doesn't stay on, etc.

I don't know how this concealer does it, but it can do it all. Look no further."

Laurine R. (12/19/21): "I've tried many concealers but this is one of the best. I find it good for its size, it covers well without being pasty or sticky, and it contains good ingredients compared to other concealers. I went with shade 1 which looks good on me, and I cover with foundation."

Anja F. (01/25/22): "In general, I have a hard time with concealers. Most do more harm than good, especially under the eyes. This one heals, covers, and gives my skin a fresh look and feel. I think it's great."

Laura B. (08/17/2021): "Discreet but covering, staying natural .. I love it!!!"

Audrey R. (11/13/2021): "Nice texture, good coverage, easy to apply. In my case, no problem with excess product when storing/holding the tube cap up."

Based on these reviews, people who have included our tinted concealers in their beauty routine have clearly stated that these skincare products combine optimal coverage, a natural finish, good hold and adequate hydration for their skin.


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