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Les avis sur l'huile de prune

What are the general opinions on plum vegetable oil?

Prune oil is obtained through mechanical pressing of the kernel contained within the fruit. Its active ingredient composition gives it antioxidant and nourishing properties. It is particularly beneficial for dry, sensitive, and mature skin. Here, you can find the opinions of our users on this subject.


What are the benefits of Typology's plum oil?

Prune oil can be used undiluted to protect the skin from oxidation and maintain its hydration. It is particularly rich in tocopherol (vitamin E) and also contains omega 6, omega 9, and palmitic acid. Derived from a cold pressing process of plum kernels grown and harvested in the South-West of France, it also imparts a gentle almond or even frangipane scent to the skin. It is certified organic and 100% naturally sourced. It can be applied both in the evening and in the morning, on clean and dry skin. It is then simply massaged in with upward circular movements across the entire face, not forgetting the neck, to ensure its complete absorption.

Some opinions on plum oil.

Recommended for skin exposed to oxidation factors - pollution, UV rays - or dehydrated, sensitive, and reactive skin, our plum oil is part of the routine for the following users:

  • Karine S. (07/24/2021): "Beautiful scent for a facial yoga. Nourishes my skin well."

  • Marie F. (07/28/2021): "Excellent bitter almond fragrance, quick absorption."

  • Claire J. (07/28/2021): "High-quality vegetable oil, very moisturizing without leaving a greasy finish. It has a strong scent of plum juice, but that didn't bother me."

  • Michaela M. (09/15/2021): "A very rich oil, perfect for the skin after summer. I use it as a night treatment."

  • Yolande V. (12/07/2021): "Enchanting almond scent. I love this oil, its fragrance, and its texture."

  • Ghislaine C. (09/12/2021): "Very good! I recommend! The almond scent is very pleasant."

  • Maria L. (01/31/2022): "The scent of plum is delightful, very subtle and gentle."

  • Victoria F. (02/23/2022): "Pleasant scent, effective for dry skin, ideally to be applied in the evening, but also works in the morning."


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