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What is "Bisabolol" and what is its utility?

What is "Bisabolol" and what is its utility?

When formulating skincare products, particularly vegan ones, the use of plant-based or synthetic ingredients is essential. The properties and active components within these elements allow for deep skin treatment, as well as proper texturing of the product. Such is the case with bisabolol.

What is bisabolol?

Bisabolol is also referred to as alpha-bisabolol or levomenol. It is a monocyclic unsaturated sesquiterpenic alcohol found in certain essential oils. The first extraction of this ingredient was carried out in 1951 from recutita chamomile or wild chamomile, which contains between 5 and 70% bisabolol. After several studies, it was confirmed that this ingredient is also present in other plants such as the Beilsehmiedia costaricensis, the Salvia runcinata, pogostemon or theAnemia tomentosa. In the industrial field, specialists turn to candeia, an endemic tree of Brazil, to obtain more bisabolol.

Bisabolol is obtained through a distillation process of essential oils, particularly from wild chamomile. It exhibits an oily, translucent texture with a slight fragrance. It's worth noting that this ingredient is quite prevalent in after-shave balms, after-sun care products, foot moisturizers, baby lotions, and intimate hygiene products.

What is its utility in cosmetology?

Bisabolol is an ingredient approved for use in organic skincare formulations. It possesses numerous benefits for the skin and scalp. Alpha-bisabolol is primarily used for its soothing properties. Even at low concentrations, this ingredient manages to alleviate skin irritations, such as redness, flaking, or various sensations of skin discomfort. It also contributes to the rapid healing of damaged skin tissues and fights against potential microbes embedded on the skin's surface.

Furthermore, bisabolol is used in cosmetology as amasking agent. Indeed, it possesses properties capable of reducing or inhibiting the base smell and taste of an ingredient used in the formula. It's important to note that bisabolol is insoluble in water and glycerin. However, it dissolves in ethanol. Its soothing action also earns it a place among the common ingredients used in the field of skincare.

Typology skincare products containing bisabolol.

Given the various properties outlined above, bisabolol is incorporated into treatments suitable for sensitive skin. Typology has developed two products containing this ingredient:

  • The exfoliating serum is concentrated with exfoliating and astringent actives such as glycolic acid and mastic tree extract to combat blackheads and enlarged pores, thus restoring a smooth and even complexion. In this treatment, bisabolol is used for its anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory effects. Indeed, glycolic acid can cause irritations, and this active ingredient helps to limit the occurrence of skin inflammation.

  • The soothing scalp treatment, is a care product rich in hydrating and soothing active ingredients such as bisabolol, vegetable glycerin, lemon extract, and sweet almond vegetable oil. This product works on the surface of inflammation to relieve skin irritations and reduce discomfort sensations, while restoring the hydrolipidic film of the scalp. This serum is recommended for sensitive and irritated scalps. It is also suitable for individuals prone to dry dandruff;

  • The exfoliating shower gel made with glycolic acid and green tea extract helps to unclog pores and reduce the appearance of blemishes (pimples, ingrown hairs, keratosis pilaris...). Concurrently, bisabolol helps to soothe irritations and inflammations, which can be caused by the presence of glycolic acid.

  • The nourishing body serum, is concentrated with nourishing and soothing active ingredients (sweet almond vegetable oil, plum vegetable oil, and bisabolol). This localized body serum combats skin dryness, typically present on the elbows, knees, and heels, while soothing the skin and reducing feelings of tightness. Although it is suitable for all skin types, it is particularly well-suited for normal and dry skin.

  • The moisturizing gel contains aloe vera gel and orange blossom hydrosol. It helps to soothe the skin of the body and face, and deeply hydrate it, while lightly scenting it. It is ideal for calming the skin after sun exposure. As for bisabolol, it helps to soothe skin irritations and reduce feelings of discomfort.


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