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 What is brow-lift, the technique for restructuring your eyebrows?

What is brow-lift, the technique for restructuring your eyebrows?

The brow lift is a brow restructuring technique aimed at elevating the hairs. It is performed using a brush and several treatments. The combination of their actions results in thick and defined eyebrows.

The basic principle of brow lift for restructuring one's eyebrows.

The current trend leans towards voluminous, thick, and defined eyebrows, which is why brow lifting is highly favored. This technique aims to restructure the eyebrows and highlight their natural character, which has the effect of intensifying the gaze.

Contrary to what its name might suggest, this is not a facelift, but rather a method to elevate the eyebrows. The brow lift then involves treating the hairs to give them the desired shape. Once the session is completed, it is possible to refine the result with a light tint, to enhance the intensity of the color.

The procedure of a brow-lift operation.

A brow lift session lasts approximately forty-five minutes. Naturally, you must keep your eyes closed during the procedure. To begin, a quick diagnosis of the eyebrows is performed to determine the style that suits the facial features.

The first step involves brushing the eyebrows. Then, a primary treatment is applied, which allows the cuticles to open. After a few minutes of rest, a second treatment is applied to the hairs, in order to soften the keratin. Once again, this step requires a resting period.

The action of the two treatments will soften the eyebrows, making them malleable. This allows for their restructuring, so they can adopt the desired shape. At the end of the procedure, a final restorative and nourishing treatment is necessary to strengthen the hairs and close the cuticles.

The final step involves removing excess hair. Caution: no hair removal should be performed before the brow lift, as it may cause irritation when in contact with the aforementioned treatments.

The benefits of brow-lift.

The brow lift technique is completely painless. The restructuring allows the eyebrows to adopt a style that is both thick and natural. The advantage lies in the fact that you can choose the shape and density you desire.

The results of the brow lift remain visible for a duration of about two months. Subsequently, they will naturally disappear. There are no restrictions during this period, you can absolutely wash your face and apply your regular skincare as usual.

A brow lift session can potentially dry out the skin around the eyebrows, hence the need to apply a moisturizing cream that will soften the area. Typology offers you numerous treatments for this purpose, such as our 9-ingredient face moisturizing cream, or our lash and brow serum that strengthens hair growth.

Who can resort to brow-lift?

The brow lift is suitable for everyone, whether they are brunette, blonde, or redhead. This restructuring technique can be particularly appealing to those with a rather drooping eyebrow shape, or sagging eyelids, as the brow lift has the ability to invigorate the gaze.


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