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Discover our top recommendations for fine lines + wrinkles.

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Lavendula Hybrida Herb Oil.

What is "Lavendula Hybrida Herb Oil" and what is its utility?

"Lavendula Hydbrida Herb Oil" is the I.N.C.I. name for thesuper lavandin essential oil. It possesses anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. Discover its extraction process, its benefits for the skin, and its contraindications in this article.

In summary, the essential oil of super lavandin.

The word "lavender" originates from the Latin "lavare" which means "to wash". Lavandins are natural hybrid species resulting from bee pollination between two species of lavender: Lavendula vera (female) and Lavendula spica (male). There are two types of lavandin: lavandin grosso and lavandin super.

Thesuper lavandin essential oil is extracted by hydrodistillation of the flowering tops. The principle involves heating a mixture of water and flowers to evaporate the volatile molecules and collect them following condensation. This method allows for the extraction of two substances, namely the hydrosol and the essential oil. Super lavandin essential oil appears as a clear liquid, light yellow in color, with a lavender, herbaceous, more or less camphorated odor. It primarily contains ketones (camphor) and monoterpenols (linalool).

The presence of these active ingredients gives it soothing properties and anti-bacterial qualities. It also has a fresh and camphor-like fragrance which makes it ideal for scenting a treatment or masking the smell of a compound.

The virtues of super lavandin essential oil.

Its use on the skin and hair provides numerous benefits:

  • The application of super lavandin essential oil on the skin:

    This essential oil reduces imperfections ; it is recommended for oily skin, as well as for acne-prone skin. Indeed, it has a purifying and astringent action. It regulates sebum production and mattifies oily skin that tends to shine. Moreover, its anti-bacterial activity helps to limit the proliferation of microorganisms involved in acne such as Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis.

    Furthermore, it is also recognized for its anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties and helps soothe sunburns. Additionally, it aids the skin in maximizing its natural healing process. Because of this action, this essential oil is present in our nourishing body scrub. This treatment helps to soften and smooth the epidermis and is particularly suitable for dry and uncomfortable skin. The tightening botanical blend with nopal, as well as the hydrating botanical blend with papyrus also contain super lavandin essential oil. These night serums can be used as substitutes for your regular night cream.

  • Thesuper lavandin essential oil in hair application:

    Just as when it is applied to the skin, super lavandin essential oil soothes irritations and itching of the scalp. It is therefore found in certain scalp scrubs as well as masks and balms.

Super Lavandin Essential Oil: What are the contraindications?

Like the majority of essential oils, that of super lavandin is potentially allergenic (especially due to the linalool and, to a lesser extent, limonene). It is contraindicated for pregnant women less than three months along, during breastfeeding, as well as in children under 3 years old. Under no circumstances should it be used undiluted on the skin or mucous membranes. It should be incorporated into a carrier oil. Furthermore, it is not recommended for individuals at risk of epilepsy.


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