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What is "Provitamin B5" and what is its utility?

What is "Provitamin B5" and what is its utility?

Provitamin B5, also known as panthenol, is an ingredient used in moisturizing skin care products. Naturally present in the epidermis, it does not cause skin irritations and works deeply to nourish the skin. What are its properties and how should it be used? Here is everything you need to know about this substance.

What is "Provitamin B5"?

Provitamin B5 is a substance derived from pantothenic acid or vitamin B5, which is naturally present in the epidermis, but also in nails and hair. It can also be found in certain foods such as fish, meat, almonds, nuts, and egg yolks. Furthermore, it should be noted that this substance comes in two forms, namely L-panthenol and D-panthenol. Only the D form can transform into pantothenic acid when it is inside the epidermis. D-panthenol, a viscous and oily substance, must be processed before being incorporated into various skin care products.

Provitamin B5 poses no health risks. It is tolerated by the skin, even those that are fragile and sensitive. Furthermore, it should be noted that panthenol, a fossil-derived alcohol, is obtained through a process that uses a minimum amount of water and energy. 90% of the waste generated during the treatment is recycled and valorized, such as the calcium sulfate used for land restoration. Having an interesting environmental profile and being biodegradable, provitamin B5 therefore poses no danger to the environment.

What are the benefits of Provitamin B5 for the skin?

Provitamin B5 is suitable for all skin types, whether they are sensitive, dry, damaged, mature, prone to redness or blemishes. It has numerous benefits for the skin. Indeed, provitamin B5, for instance, strengthens the hydrolipidic film, which reduces water loss and limits dehydration. Therefore, this substance is an ally for dry skin, helping it regain its elasticity and softness.

This ingredient is also beneficial for soothing irritated skin prone to itching, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. On this note, it's worth mentioning that the topical application of a treatment containing 5% provitamin B5 alleviates irritations. This ability is comparable to that of a cortisone derivative.

Beyond these benefits, provitamin B5 also possesses restorative and regenerative capabilities. It plays a crucial role in the skin repair process and stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts, a connective tissue that supports the skin. Therefore, in cases of wounds, injuries, or sunburn, this substance can be applied to accelerate cellular renewal, which is essential for skin repair and healing. Thanks to its moisturizing action, provitamin B5 is used in body and facial care, as well as in restorative creams.

Application of provitamin B5 on the skin.

To care for your skin, you can use our plumping serum. Composed of 2% provitamin B5, this treatment works by stimulating the regeneration of cells in the epidermis and dermis. It also reduces the skin's water loss, while maintaining its softness. In addition to this ingredient, it contains 3% hyaluronic acid, a molecule capable of retaining up to a thousand times its weight in water. The application of provitamin B5 should be done on a cleansed and completely dry skin. To do this, you should spread three to four drops of serum on the face, morning and evening. To help the treatment penetrate, gently massage your skin in circular motions. It is then possible to apply your daily moisturizing cream.


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