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Rosa Centifolia Leaf Cell Extract.

What is "Rosa Centifolia Leaf Cell Extract" and what is its utility?

In addition to its exquisite aroma, the centifolia rose is valued for its skin benefits. The diversity of molecules that make up its cells fight against free radicals, hydrate the skin, and soothe it. Discover everything you need to know about the properties of the centifolia rose.

What is the Centifolia Rose?

Originating from the Caucasus and modified through various hybridizations, the hundred-leaf rose owes its name to its double-petaled flowers that emit a pronounced fragrance in the spring. Cultivated for its aromatic virtues since the 19th century, it has become one of the pillars of perfumery. Empress Josephine owned 27 different species in her garden at Malmaison. In the West, its medicinal virtues (antiseptic, astringent, purifying) have made it a part of traditional pharmacopoeia.

The native cells of Centifolia Rose.

The natural ingredient known by the I.N.C.I. name "Rosa Centifolia Leaf Cell Extract" is derived from the leaves of the hundred-petaled rose. It's important to note that plant native cells are a result of the totipotency of plant cells (reconstruction with DNA). The advantage of this biotechnological process lies in the targeted selection of stem cells and the control of the culture environment. This is done in a sterile environment, meaning it is free from microorganisms. Plant native cells retain all the natural elements of the plant and have a molecular richness (amino acids, vitamins, minerals). The native cells of Rosa centifolia target the active ingredients sought in skincare, enhancing their actions. They notably help to attract and retain water in the epidermal tissue. They also maintain the skin's radiance and strengthen the skin barrier against external aggressions. Therefore, the plant cells of the hundred-petaled rose are hydrating, antioxidant, and soothing active ingredients.

What are the properties of centifolia rose cellular extract for the skin?

Plant cells stimulate and compensate for the functions of epidermal stem cells. Also known as mother cells, these cells are in constant renewal. Indeed, their role is to preserve the health of the skin and protect the epidermal tissue against external aggressions. However, with age and under the action of various factors, the function of stem cells slows down, leading to skin aging, dehydration, etc.

To counteract this decrease in activity, the use of external stem cells should be considered. The antioxidant properties of the Rosa centifolia particularly help to combat the formation of unstable oxygen molecules responsible for skin aging.

As a moisturizing agent, these plant cells also replenish the skin layer with water. This plant extract restores the content of moisturizing agents and lipids naturally present in the horny layer to replenish the hydrolipidic film of the skin. This allows the epidermal tissue to regain volume. The skin, thus plumped, becomes more radiant.

The native cells of centifolia rose are thus allies for dry, mature skin that is prone to irritation or flaking.

In which skincare products can this cellular active ingredient be found?

The "Rosa Centifolia Leaf Cell Extract" is found in certain moisturizing, regenerating, and soothing skincare products. These products can target specific areas of the skin, such as the under-eye area, to reduce the appearance of dark circles and signs of fatigue. For the face, it can be found in certain products like radiance moisturizing creams or plumping effect creams. Thus, this hydrophilic active ingredient can be incorporated into various types of formulations: mists, face creams, serums, eye contour treatments, sunscreens, makeup (CC-creams, foundations).

Typology has developed the botanical hydrating mist, whose active ingredients are verbena hydrosol, the centifolia rose cells, biosaccharide, andinulin. The skincare formula is designed for all skin types to hydrate, rebalance, and soothe. The mist can be used morning and evening as a substitute for a toner for a refreshing effect, or throughout the day, to hydrate the skin.


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