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Avantages concentré bronzant.

What is the purpose of the bronzing drops?

Facial tanning products come in various forms: powders, sticks... Recently, the trend is towards liquid bronzers, which can be used drop by drop for a naturally tanned finish. Explore the benefits that this type of formula can offer.

Published April 28, 2024, updated on July 17, 2024, by Kahina, Scientific Editor — 5 min read

Why use a bronzing drops?

The bronzing drops is a tinted product in liquid form that gives the complexion a sun-kissed look using a blend of pigments to achieve a bronze color. It offers numerous significant advantages and benefits.

A bronzing drops is not a sun protection. Indeed, it does not replace the use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 protection, which is essential.

  • Achieving an immediate sun-kissed complexion.

    a healthy tanned complexion . Indeed, when we talk about traditional tanning, we directly think of exposure to UV rays.

    Indeed, the tanning process is a natural skin reaction to counteract the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays. From a biological perspective, during exposure, melanocytes generate melanin which deposits on the surface of the epidermis and colors it.

    However, in cases of prolonged exposure or excessive intensity of UVB rays, this behavior can lead to sunburn, accelerated photoaging, and risks of developing skin cancers. Using a bronzing drops can then provide the same aesthetic benefits as sun tanning, without the associated risks.

    Not to be confused with a self-tanner : the bronzing drops allows for a temporary and easily removable effect with a standard makeup remover. On the contrary, a self-tanner is used to achieve a long-lasting and enduring tan over time.

  • Having a customizable tan.

    It is possible to adjust the effect based on the amount applied and the method of application, either pure or incorporated into a moisturizer or foundation. Therefore, one can transition from a light golden hue to an intense bronze depending on preferences.

  • Bringing radiance to dark skin.

    Contrary to what may be thought, the bronzing drops is also suitable for dark phototypes. In this situation, the product can provide a glow to the complexion thanks to the pearlescent and glittery compounds present in the formula. The skin will then be illuminated.

  • Having an additional topical effect with the presence of specific active ingredients.

    As previously mentioned, the bronzing drops will have a beneficial skin effect in the long term, unlike the traditional bronzer which is only used for the temporary tanned effect it provides. For instance, dry skin is generally duller, due to the formation of layers of dead cells, which will impact the radiance of the complexion. The use of hydrating active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, prickly pear extract, glycerin, etc.) is therefore common and helps to limit skin dryness in a sustainable way.

  • Protecting the skin against free radicals.

    Generally, the bronzing drops sold on the market contain antioxidants, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, peptides, etc. Free radicals are produced as a result of oxidative stress caused by pollution, tobacco, or UV rays.

    Once synthesized, these reactive species can cause significant skin damage, such as skin aging or a dull complexion, due to an impact on cellular renewal. Dead cells will therefore accumulate on the skin's surface and will fatigue the complexion.

    Thus, antioxidants work directly on free radicals by neutralizing them through stabilization. These compounds consequently restore radiance to the complexion by protecting the skin from external aggressions.

Composed of 95% natural ingredients, our bronzing drops, formulated without silicone, is enriched with antioxidant actives (vitamin E and apricot oil) and mineral pearls to provide an immediate sun-kissed complexion and long-term benefits.


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