New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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Lotion tonique contre points noirs.

Which lotion should one adopt when dealing with blackheads?

Blackheads typically appear in the T-zone of the face (forehead, nose, and chin). They particularly affect oily skin types. To eliminate blackheads, the use of a purifying lotion is necessary. We provide some explanations about the causes of blackheads and the lotion to use to get rid of them.

What are blackheads?

There are two types of blackheads. The first is called an open comedone, which is caused by the accumulation of sebum in the sebaceous glands. Dead cells and sebum lead to the formation of a microcyst that darkens due to oxidation. The second type is caused by the accumulation of impurities in enlarged pores. This type of blackhead disappears when you take a vacation in the mountains, where there is less pollution.

How to eliminate blackheads?

Combatting blackheads involves meticulous facial cleansing. It is also necessary to address the overproduction of sebum, which is a factor in the formation of blackheads. Witch hazel hydrosol is recommended for fighting comedones. Indeed, it purifies the skin and tightens the pores due to its tannin content. The pores become less visible and impurities are not retained. Witch hazel hydrosol is recommended for taking care of combination to oily skin, acne-prone skin, or skin prone to irritation and redness.

The glycolic acid exfoliating toner from Typology is also designed to reduce blackheads while tightening pores. The glycolic acid lotion is both exfoliating and astringent, and has an acidic pH similar to the skin. It thus helps to rebalance the skin's pH and remove lime residues in the water. Its exfoliating action comes from glycolic acid. This active ingredient unclogs pores and provides a gentle peel of the skin's superficial layer. It thus removes dead cells that clog the pores. This treatment also contains lemongrass hydrosol, which has a purifying action.

Peppermint hydrosol is another recommended treatment for eliminating blackheads. It purifies, sanitizes the skin, and tightens the pores due to its purifying and astringent properties. Moreover, it soothes discomforts and brightens the complexion. Peppermint hydrosol is obtained by distilling the Mentha x piperita L plant with steam.

How to apply lotions to the skin?

Witch hazel hydrosol, peppermint, or even glycolic acid exfoliating toner, these treatments are applied to clean, dry skin. Start by washing your face with your usual cleanser, then dry with a clean towel. Apply the purifying lotion all over your face using a cotton pad.

The glycolic acid exfoliating toner should only be applied in the evening. It should be avoided for sensitive and atopic skin due to the presence of AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) in the lotion. When using it, protect yourself with sunscreen and wear appropriate clothing to shield from the sun. Discontinue use of this lotion in case of discomfort or irritation.


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