New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

New: A treatment designed for rosacea-prone skin

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Sérum teinté de Typology.

The Iconic: Typology’s Tinted Serum

Better skin health, immediate results, long-lasting effects... Typology's tinted serum has become a true best-seller. Why? Here are some of the details.

The Characteristics of Typology’s Tinted Serum

Typology's tinted serum is a hybrid beauty product, halfway between skincare and makeup. In other words, it is a serum base with pigments added. It is characterized by its fluid texture, its packaging in a glass bottle with a pipette, and its formula combining pigments and active care ingredients (vitamin C, squalane and aloe vera).

This multi-functional product was designed to give the complexion a more lightweight coverage than a natural finishing foundation, while intensely hydrating and nourishing the face. Plus, its silicone-free formula won't clog pores, preventing blemishes from forming. The tinted serum is available in six shades to suit most skin tones, developed according to the FITZPATRICK phototype scale.

Tinted Serum: Its Advantages

  • The tinted serum includes a skincare function thanks to the active ingredients present in high concentrations. They provide deep care to the skin in order to improve its quality and prevent cutaneous aging that is long-lasting;

  • Enriched with vitamin C, aloe vera and squalane, it unifies and illuminates the complexion, maintains the skin's moisture level and protects it from external aggressions;

  • This hybrid beauty product helps to reduce the appearance of small imperfections (redness, blackheads, etc. ...) in a light manner, while allowing freckles and other natural characteristics of the skin to shine through;

  • The tinted serum is formulated without silicones to avoid clogging the pores and having the sensation of a thick layer on the skin throughout the day, thus minimizing the formation of imperfections;

  • It is appreciated for its light coverage and blendable texture. Lighter than a foundation but more concentrated than a BB cream, the serum is in symbiosis with the skin, allowing it to correctly blend in with the skin tone;

  • It is suitable for all skin types and offers a wide range of shades, based on the FITZPATRICK phototype classification;

  • The tinted serum is a real time-saver and practical in the morning beauty routine.

Anne P. (13/10/2020) : "I really like the texture. A natural finish that works well with my skin. No foundation, no BB cream. It's much more lightweight! No shine during the day. Doesn't seep into fine lines and wrinkles. I wouldn't wear anything else!"

How To Use the Tinted Serum?

The tinted serum is used after your morning facial routine and before tinted concealer, either alone or after a base. To begin, wash your hands, then shake the bottle well and take one to two pipettes of product. It all depends on the desired coverage. Then, spread the product over your face by touch. Using a brush for a perfectly even complexion or your fingers for a natural result, gently blend the product from the inside to the outside of your face and then onto your neck to avoid any marks. Follow with a tinted concealer, then a powder to mattify and set the material, and finally a tinted balm to enhance your lips.


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