Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

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Comment utiliser le sérum teinté ?

How to use the tinted serum?

A hybrid formula between skincare and makeup, a tinted serum provides light coverage as well as benefits to the skin (hydration, nutrition, antioxidant protection...). In this article, find its mode of use to make the most of its virtues.

The Typology Tinted Serum.

Formulated without nanoparticles, silicones, and fragrance, our tinted serum is non-occlusive and does not clog pores. It provides light coverage and evens out the complexion. Each tinted serum can match a wide range of skin tones. The six shades of our serums have been developed according to the FITZPATRICK phototype scale.

In addition to blurring minor skin irregularities and restoring its radiance and brightness, it contains three active ingredients that provide additional benefits:

  • Thealoe vera for hydration:

    The cool gel extracted from aloe vera leaves has a high water retention capacity, which helps combat dehydration throughout the day.

  • The squalane for nourishment:

    Derived from olives, squalane has a structure very similar to sebum. Therefore, it has an excellent affinity with the skin. Non-greasy, it quickly penetrates the epidermis and softens its touch. This lipid contribution helps to repair the skin's hydrolipidic film.

  • The vitamin C for protection:

    This molecule traps free radicals generated by exposure to the sun, pollution, smoking, and more. As a result, the skin is better protected from these external aggressors. By inhibiting the synthesis of melanin, vitamin C also limits the formation of brown spots, providing a unifying action.

Some advice before incorporating the tinted serum into your routine.

Firstly, select your shade using the samples. We recommend applying the product on the back of your hand and waiting a few seconds for it to dry. It can sometimes be beneficial to mix two shades to achieve your exact skin tone.

The tinted serum has no contraindications and is suitable for all skin types. However, due to the presence of active ingredients within the formula, it is always recommended to perform a skin tolerance test beforehand. Apply a few drops of the tinted serum on the inside of your wrist or in the crook of your arm and wait 24 hours. If no reaction occurs, you can apply the tinted serum to your face.

How to incorporate tinted serum into my beauty routine?

Typically, the tinted serum is applied in the morning before powder, blush, and sunscreen. First, cleanse your face with a cleansing product suitable for your skin type. Then, apply a toning lotion to rebalance the skin's pH. You can then even out your complexion with the tinted serum. Rich in active ingredients, it can replace your usual morning serum or cream, saving you a few minutes in your beauty routine. Moreover, its light texture also makes it a relevant product to revive and even out the skin at any time of the day.

Note : If you truly desire a "makeup" finish with smooth and very even skin, you can apply your sunscreen before your tinted skincare product. However, the benefits to the skin that the tinted skincare product can provide will be less. Indeed, the sunscreen, forming a barrier on the surface of the epidermis, inhibits the deep penetration of active ingredients.

Some advice for applying your tinted serum.

For optimal use of this tinted serum, remove the dropper from the bottle, squeeze the bulb to release the air, keep the pressure on the bulb, immerse the dropper back into the bottle, and then release the pressure on the bulb.

Using a brush or your fingers, apply the equivalent of one dropper of tinted serum, and spread the product over the entire face and neck, starting from the center of the face and moving outward to avoid any demarcation.

In the evening, don't forget to remove your makeup using a cleansing balm, a cleansing oil or a micellar water with or without the use of reusable makeup remover pads .


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