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Propriétés peptides de pois sur les cellules des follicules pileux.

How do pea peptides promote lash volume and density?

Pea peptides are known for their redensifying properties. They stimulate, strengthen and densify hair follicle cells (eyelashes, eyebrows, hair), while helping to keep them healthy.


What are pea peptides?

Pea peptides are chains of amino acids (mainly lysine units) extracted from Pisum sativum. This annual vegetable plant of the legume family (Fabaceae) is nowadays widely cultivated for its seeds consumed as a vegetable.

To obtain this compound, the proteins present in the peas are first isolated and purified. Then, the extraction is performed via a two-step enzymatic process. The obtained compound is aqueous, and dispersed in water and propanediol.

Pea peptides help in the fight against hair loss.

Pea peptides have strengthening properties for hair follicles (eyelashes, eyebrows, hair). Biologically, they act by inhibiting the activity of the cytokine TGF-beta-1, a protein activated by dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that triggers the catagen phase of the hair follicle too early, precipitating its loss.

In addition, pea peptides for hair, strengthen the anchoring of hair to the scalp to prevent hair loss. To do so, they stimulate the synthesis and organization of collagen IV, an adhesion molecule. This protein makes up the basal membrane that separates the dermal compartment from the epithelial compartment.

In which skin care products can I find pea peptides?

Pea peptides are introduced at a concentration of between 1% and 5% into a cosmetic formula. They are generally integrated into skin care products to fight against hair loss, strengthen soft nails or fortify and promote the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. For example, they can be found in eye makeup remover lotions, eyelash booster serums, densifying hair serums, shampoos, hair scrubs and mascaras.

Typology has developed a lash & brow serum with pea peptides and castor oil. This care nourishes, strengthens, and promotes the eyelash growth. It should be applied preferably in the evening, after make-up removal and facial cleansing on a clean and dry skin.


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