Discover our top recommendations for fine lines + wrinkles.

Discover our top recommendations for fine lines + wrinkles.

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Méthode pour ne pas sur-hydrater sa peau.

How to avoid over-hydrating your skin?

Hydration is a crucial step in any skincare routine, regardless of skin type. To prevent dryness, it can be tempting to apply an excessive amount of cream. However, over-hydration is not the right way to care for your skin. We provide some tips for moderately hydrating your skin.

Why hydrate your skin?

Morning and evening, hydration is an essential step to maintain healthy skin. This skincare routine helps to avoid a dull complexion. Indeed, the cells of the epidermis display a grayish hue when they lack hydration. Moreover, hydration helps to protect the skin from external aggressions (sun, pollution, tobacco...). Indeed, the moisturizing cream envelops the epidermis and forms a protective film. Hydration also helps to slow down the natural phenomenon of skin aging. Dryness is one of the factors that accentuates the appearance of fine lines, particularly around the eyes, cheeks, and forehead.

How to properly hydrate your skin without overburdening it?

Applying moisturizer too generously can clog pores and promote the appearance of blemishes. Moreover, when we "over-hydrate" our skin, it naturally limits the production of sebum, which (along with sweat and dead cells) constitutes the protective hydrolipidic film of the epidermis. The skin then lacks even more hydration, which prompts us to hydrate it further, fueling this harmful cycle.

To use moisturizing cream effectively, follow the steps below.

  1. Always start by removing makeup and/or cleansing your skin.

  2. Apply a dab (this is more than enough for the face and neck) of moisturizing cream on the T-zone of your face as well as on the cheeks, then spread with your fingers to cover your entire face.

  3. Perform circular motions to massage your skin and allow the treatment to penetrate deeply. For the neck, massage with your palms from bottom to top.

By applying the correct amount of skincare product, there should not be an excess of cream on your face. The applied skincare should be completely absorbed by the skin within a few seconds.

Which moisturizing cream is right for my skin?

Hydration should be included in the daily skincare routine, regardless of your skin type. Dry skin types should opt for a moisturizer rich in lipid-replenishing ingredients such as plant oils, while oily skin prone to blemishes should favor purifying actives and avoid applying comedogenic ingredients like coconut oil.

If you have dry, normal, or combination skin, you can use our hydrating face cream with 9 ingredients, morning and evening. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and organic coconut oil, it's a minimalist formula that hydrates and nourishes the epidermis. However, those with combination to oily skin may prefer our purifying face cream with zinc PCA and bamboo extract. It is enriched with sebum-regulating and antibacterial active ingredients. It purifies the skin and combats skin imperfections.


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