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Hygiène corporelle psoriasis.

How to clean skin with psoriasis?

Psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory disease, manifests as itchy red skin patches. Particularly sensitive, skin with psoriasis requires special attention. This raises a question: how should one cleanse skin with psoriasis? This article provides some answers.

Version relue et validée par la dermatologue, Dr. B. LEVY GAREL (France).

The characteristics of skin with psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease, responsible for itchy red patches covered with dead cells , very characteristic of psoriasis. The lesions are usually found in the areas of friction (elbows, forearms, knees, legs) but the nails and the scalp are also common locations.

There are several forms of psoriasis, but the main one is plaque psoriasis also known as vulgar psoriasis. In all cases, skin with psoriasis is more sensitive than other skin types. Moreover, the thick and adherent scales at the lesion sites are particularly bothersome. Therefore, it is necessary to follow certain guidelines regarding skin cleansing.

Daily Hygiene: How to Cleanse the Body's Skin in Cases of Psoriasis?

For skin with psoriasis, the first rule regarding skin cleansing is to avoid hot water. Instead, opt for lukewarm water. Indeed, heat exacerbates the existing skin inflammation and increases skin dryness. Moreover, cleansing of atopic skin should not be excessive. Due to the high content of limestone and chlorine in water, the contact of water with the skin is aggressive. Limit yourself to one to two showers of 5 to 10 minutes per day.

Note : the same applies to scalp psoriasis. Choose a shampoo that is gentle, free of irritating surfactants, unscented, and will respect your scalp.

Regarding shower accessories (such as washcloths), they should be avoided in the case of psoriasis. Indeed, these items tend to harm the skin due to friction. Psoriasis can be exacerbated by skin irritations. Moreover, washcloths are not very hygienic due to the presence of germs. These germs can cause skin infections that worsen psoriasis lesions. It is better to favor washing with your hands.

How to cleanse facial skin in case of psoriasis?

As mentioned earlier, repeated contact of water on the skin can be irritating, particularly for those with conditions such as psoriasis. When it comes to facial skin, it is recommended to wash only once a day, in the evening. In the morning, use a thermal water mist or floral water to refresh your face. If you wear makeup, opt for oil-based makeup removers which will be gentler on your skin. Makeup removers containing fragrance and irritating surfactants should be avoided.


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