Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

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How to strengthen your eyelashes?

Pollution, temperature fluctuations, UV rays, makeup application and removal... All these factors weaken eyelashes, making them thin and even brittle. To strengthen your eyelashes and promote their regrowth, several tips and natural treatments exist. Find them in this article!

How do eyelashes grow?

Each eyelid has approximately 90 to 160 lashes, which are implanted about 2 mm into the ultra-thin dermis of this area. Like all hair follicles, their life cycle consists of three phases: the growth phase, the catagen phase (stagnation), and the telogen phase (shedding).The growth phase lasts for one to two months. The hairs that have completed their growth move into the second phase (stagnation). During this transition period, the hair follicle shrinks. This period lasts about three weeks. During this transition phase, the lash can fall out prematurely and regrowth does not occur instantly. This will not be initiated until the end of the catagen phase. The lashes then fall out and are replaced by new ones. However, if you notice too frequent and significant shedding, consult a dermatologist.

Some tips and simple actions to strengthen your eyelashes.

  • Properly removing eye makeup.

    Before seeking to strengthen these eyelashes, it is crucial not to weaken them with an unsuitable makeup remover or by excessively rubbing the eyes during makeup removal. The daily makeup remover used should respect the lacrimal pH and contain fatty substances. Indeed, these dissolve stubborn eyeshadows and waterproof mascaras more easily.

    To avoid rubbing your eyes and lashes too harshly, it is recommended to place a cotton pad soaked in the makeup remover in question and wait a few seconds for the product to thoroughly saturate the pigments. Then, it is appropriate to gently slide the cotton pad outward from the eye to remove eyeshadow, or downward to eliminate mascara. This action should be repeated several times until the cotton pad is clean.

    For this essential step in your beauty routine, you can use our bi-phase makeup remover. This treatment effectively removes eye makeup, even waterproof. Its formula enriched with castor oil and pea peptides strengthens the eyelashes. It also contains chamomile hydrosol to soothe the eye contour. During your evening routine, you can apply it using reusable cotton pads that are washable and made from bamboo fibers.

  • Applycastor oil.

    This vegetable oil, known for its strengthening and nourishing properties, is reputed to promote the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. However, it should be noted that so far, no scientific study has demonstrated this ability in castor oil. This reputation is actually based on scientific studies that concern the action of castor oil on hair loss.

    Thus, it has been demonstrated that ricinoleic acid, which makes up over 80% of castor oil, is capable of reversing the process associated with hair loss by inhibiting the action of prostaglandin D2 (PGD2). As for eyelashes, castor oil can hydrate and strengthen them. Healthy eyelashes tend to grow more quickly.

    How to use this vegetable oil on eyelashes? Even though castor oil is amild compound without contraindications, all precautions must be taken when using it on this delicate area around the eye. It is therefore important to ensure that the oil does not come into contact with the eye. The application is done in small amounts along the length of the lashes, using a cotton swab or a mascara wand. It is possible to apply it before going to sleep and then remove the excess in the morning.

  • Use a strengthening serum.

    These treatments have emerged in the cosmetic market in recent years and their success has not waned. By nourishing the eyelashes with their active ingredients, these serums help to promote hair growth, thicken them, sometimes darken them, and improve their density.

    Our eyelash & eyebrow serum is enriched with castor oil. It also contains pea peptides which act by inhibiting the activity of the cytokine TGF-β-1, a protein activated by dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that prematurely triggers the catagen phase of the hair follicle, hastening its fall.

    Furthermore, the combination of Biotinyl-GHK / panthenol actives allows to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and laminin, molecules responsible for anchoring the bulb in the epidermis, thereby strengthening eyelashes and eyebrows.

    Untinted, this eyelash and eyebrow serum is appliedpreferably in the evening, after removing makeup and cleansing the face on clean, dry skin. If you apply it in the morning, wait a few minutes before putting on your mascara and eyebrow pencil, allowing the treatment to thoroughly penetrate the hair follicles.


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