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How to take care of your eyelashes?

How to take care of your eyelashes?

Eyelashes play a significant role in highlighting the face and eyes. To maintain them beautifully long and silky, they require regular care and maintenance. A series of small combined actions can help you bring out your eyelashes in all their glory. How to take care of your eyelashes? Here are the answers.

Everything begins with regular, good hydration.

The entire human body runs on water. Therefore, it's not surprising that eyelashes, to be healthy, need to be properly and frequently hydrated. Like skin and hair, which tend to dull and weaken when they become dehydrated, eyelashes are subject to the same possibilities if they are neglected. In order to keep them healthy, long, and resilient, hydrating the eyelashes is an important step. This is achieved by using plant-based essential oils, which stimulate both the regrowth and the resistance of the eyelashes to breakage. Castor oil is highly favored by those who prefer natural eyelash care. Its richness in omega 6, omega 9, and fatty acids makes it a nourishing treatment. You can also use our eyelash & eyebrow serum with castor oil and pea peptides to strengthen your eyelashes while ensuring rapid growth.

Nourish your diet to strengthen the condition of your eyelashes.

A balanced and varied diet remains, in all cases, one of the pillars of good health. Taking care of your diet also influences the quality of your eyelashes, just as its effect is seen on the condition of the skin and hair. Unsurprisingly, fatty foods, overly sweet, overly salty, and processed foods should be limited for the good health of the eyelashes. The latter particularly appreciate care rich in good fats and omega-3s. This includes, among other things, nuts, avocados, and fatty fish. Otherwise, the consumption of foods rich in essential amino acids, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B is also to be favored. Offal, legumes, quinoa, mushrooms, not to mention fruits and vegetables, are just a few elements to incorporate into your diet for beautiful eyelashes.

Never skip the step of removing makeup in the evening.

Eyelashes are known to be particularly delicate. The slightest negligence can lead to their damage. Among the common oversights is the omission of makeup removal in the evening. Going to sleep without properly cleansing the face can prove destructive for the eyelashes. Therefore, it is crucial to remove makeup after a long and exhausting day, for the sake of the eyelashes. To do this, gentle makeup removers, like our 7-ingredient Makeup Remover Oil with its minimalist formula, should be favored. Be sure not to rub your eyelashes to avoid further weakening them. Delicacy is key in performing this task. Soak your bamboo fiber makeup remover pads, which you can find in packs of 8 from us, and apply them to your closed eyes to gently remove the bulk of the makeup. Then, stroke the lashes in the direction of growth with the pad to clean the excess.


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