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Comment utiliser l'huile de douche ?

How to Use Shower Oil?

Ally of the dry and sensitive skins, the shower oil appears among the most appreciated washing care by the users with these skin types. Made up mainly of vegetable oil, it acts both on the surface of the skin and in depth. If you have decided to replace your classic soap with a shower oil, find out how to use it.

What Is Shower Oil?

The shower oil wash is a care product for the body composed of a washing base (natural soft surfactants), moisturizing and lipid replenishing assets, and a strong quantity of vegetable oils. It gently removes the dirt which accumulated on the skin and thus  disinfects the skin, while respecting its hydrolipidic balance and protecting it from the external aggressions thanks to its credits and its non-greasy film. It also has the role to nourish in-depth the skin.
The oil of shower is completely adapted to the atopic as well as to the dry to very dry skins thanks to its rich formulation and its unctuous texture. It is also effective in softening the skin and soothing tension. However, the shower oil can be used by all the types of skin because it brings a more important dose of nutrition contrary to a traditional shower gel.

When to Use the Shower Oil for the Body?

The shower oil can be used daily and all year round. It is recommended during summer and winter. In the middle of summer, there is a lot of sun exposure, swimming in the sea and swimming pool sessions. As these factors tend to dry out the skin, it is recommended to use shower oil to optimize hydration and reinforce the natural protective barrier. In the middle of winter, the temperature differences between the heated interior of the house and the icy exterior, the wind and the cold affect and strip the skin. As a result, the skin's surface becomes dry and tight. To alleviate this problem of hydration and discomfort, it is advisable to use a replenishing shower oil.

How to Apply a Shower Oil?

Shower oil wash can be used for your daily care and grooming. The body shower oil can also be used on its own and thus constitutes a perfect alternative to the shower gel, the solid soap or the shower cream. It is applied in the same way as a classic shower gel.

Start by wetting your skin with warm water. Then, place a small amount of product in the palm of your hand or on a washcloth and spread it evenly over your body. Do not apply it on the face, prefer an adapted product. When in contact with water, its oily texture turns into a light, nourishing and moisturizing foam thanks to the surfactants it contains. Don't forget to insist on the driest areas of your body, especially elbows, knees, and heels, to ensure hydration.

Now, simply rinse your body thoroughly with a stream of warm water. Dry yourself by dabbing your skin with a clean microfiber towel to avoid further damage to the skin. Avoid rubbing! Shower oil theoretically can replace the application of a body lotion or cream, without necessarily leaving a greasy film on the skin. We still advise you though to apply a moisturizer for the body to finalize your routine and preserve your skin's barrier.

Precautions for Use of the Shower Oil.

In general, the shower oil is formulated for a use similar to that of a shower gel, i.e., on almost all the parts of the body (chest, back, abdomen, upper and lower limbs, etc…).

However, it is preferable not to apply it on the face. It is not the most appropriate care for this part of the body. It is rather recommended to opt for a specific care intended for the face with a pH close to that of the skin, like our cleansing gels or our cleansing milk.

Furthermore, it is also not recommended for the cleaning of intimate parts, in particular those of the women. Indeed, because of the active principles which it contains, it can be rather aggressive for the mucous membranes and create an imbalance at the level of the intimate flora.


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