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Bienfaits de l'huile de douche pour la peau

The benefits of shower oil for the skin.

To rid your skin of the impurities that accumulate on its surface daily while still respecting it, you can opt for a shower oil. This daily care product is appreciated for its numerous virtues and for the action of the surfactants it contains on the skin. Here's a look at its benefits.

What is a shower oil?

Following the makeup removing oil, the sun oil, the face oil, the body oil and even the hair oil, a new type of oil-based product has recently made its appearance in the skincare aisles: it is the shower oil. This galenic form has thus quickly invaded all sectors of cosmetology. As its name suggests, shower oil is a cleansing care intended to clean the body. It effectively detaches and removes all impurities present on the skin's surface without harming it. Compared to a shower gel, the bath oil is formulated with a higher percentage of vegetable oils with various properties, and moisturizing and lipid-replenishing agents, not to mention its cleansing base (surfactants). However, with such a composition, this product does not just wash the body's skin but also has other advantages.

Shower Oil: Its Benefits for the Skin?

  • The shower oil cleans: It is well known that oil more easily removes dirt, as evidenced by makeup removing oils. Thus, thanks to its high fat content and surfactants, thebody washing oil allows for deep skin cleansing, without causing harm or dryness. Indeed, it latches onto all the residues accumulated throughout the day and eliminates them with as much efficiency as a traditional cleansing product.

  • The shower oil soothes: Formulated with hydrating ingredients and free from irritating agents, the shower oil also helps to calm and soothe skin that feels tight, prickly, or itchy, particularly due to cold, clothing friction, etc... Indeed, under such conditions, the skin's natural protective layer deteriorates, causing dryness, redness, and irritation. Thus, the shower oil provides comfort to irritated, fragile, or dried-out skin.

  • The shower oil deeply nourishes: Composed mainly of vegetable oils (coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil, etc...) with nourishing properties, thebath oil is highly valued for its nutritive power. This will reduce feelings of discomfort, and make the skin softer and more supple.

  • The shower oil protects: Its oily texture will coat the skin with a non-greasy protective film after bathing, preserving its hydration, softening it, and strengthening the natural barrier already in place. Thus, the shower oil has properties to combat the harmful effects of the lime present in the water, particularly its drying effects. It also protects the skin throughout the day from external aggressions.


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