Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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Scrub: Before or After the Shower?

To have a soft, clean and beautiful skin, it is not recommended to skip the scrub. A must for skin care, this treatment has many benefits for both the epidermal layers and the skin surface, but also to ensure the effectiveness of skin care products.

Why Do a Scrub?

The epidermis consists mainly of keratinocytes. Each month, some of these cells migrate to the surface to reach the stratum corneum, composed of dead cells called corneocytes that result from epidermal differentiation and act as a barrier between the outside world and the body. Thanks to the process of desquamation, this protective barrier regenerates naturally every 28 days. The dead cells peel and fall off to make room for new cells. However, this process of cell renewal is not sufficient to eliminate all dead skin on the surface. Also, with age, pollution or various skin problems, this desquamation phase is disturbed. As a result, the cells pile up on the surface of the epidermis, giving the skin a dull and irregular appearance. This accumulation of dead cells can also clog pores and lead to the appearance of small imperfections (pimples, blackheads, etc.). In order to remedy or avoid them, it is necessary to proceed with an exfoliation to clean the skin in depth and remove the layer of dead cells. Moreover, thanks to exfoliation, the active ingredients contained in the skin care products can act properly both externally and deeply.

Is an exfoliation better before or after the shower?

As you can see, exfoliation is an essential part of your skin care routine for both the face and the body. Before anything else, you must prepare your skin to welcome the scrubbing product. To do this, the skin must be cleansed with a cleanser to remove the impurities accumulated during the day (pollution, perspiration, sebum, etc.). This is why it is recommended to make the scrub after the shower. In addition, the skin will be slightly wet in order to enjoy all the benefits of exfoliation and avoid any skin irritation. Once the skin is clean, you can proceed to the scrub. We proceed as follows:

  • For the face, the exfoliating care is applied by small delicate circular movements to avoid irritating the skin. The gestures are carried out from the inside to the outside by putting the accent on the zone T and by avoiding the contour of the eyes.

  • For the body, the scrub is done with small circular movements, starting from the bottom of the body and going up towards the chest. Feet, back, belly, legs, armpits, etc... everything must be rubbed.

Once all the dead skin has been removed, simply rinse with plenty of clear water to get clean, clear and smooth skin. After the scrub, the skin is vulnerable and sensitive. To finish this care ritual, the application of a face or body cream, adapted to your skin type, is necessary to moisturize it and restore the hydrolipidic protection barrier.


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