Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

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The foxy eyes: the makeup trend that elongates the gaze.

The foxy eyes: the makeup trend that elongates the gaze.

The term "foxy eyes" is now on everyone's lips. Perhaps you've already heard about it. Discover here the essentials about this new beauty trend.

What is "foxy eyes"?

First noticed on the runways, the "foxy eyes" trend quickly gained traction through beauty influencers and YouTubers. This new trend draws its inspiration from the English word "fox", referring to the animal known for its almond-shaped, rimmed eyes.

One of the reasons for its popularity: it effectively corrects eye imperfections. Ideal for individuals with droopy eyelids, it opens the eyes, extends the gaze, and gives the illusion of thick, full, and curled lashes. Another major reason: the "foxy eyes" look is not difficult to achieve. There's no need to be a specialist or go to a beauty salon: a few basic accessories and products are more than enough to get started.

Before you begin, be careful not to confuse it with the "cat eyes". While the latter also requires the use of eyeshadow and eyeliner, the "foxy eyes" allows for a lighter and more blended version.

Some actions for a "wow effect".

To lift the gaze without surgery, a simple eyeliner is enough. It can come in the form of a gel, but this is only for those who are skilled with a brush. For everyone else, felt-tip eyeliners will do the job perfectly. If you're not sure how to apply it, practice beforehand on the back of your hand.

You will need an angled shading brush, perfect for applying dark shadows in the outer corner of the eye and on the mobile eyelids. There is also a version of the angled brush used for applying eyeliners, which is smaller, and also intended for eyebrow tracing due to its very precise rendering.

You will also need a blending brush for the eyes: one of a flat shape, the other of a ball type. Used alternately, they help to blend the eyeshadows at each application to achieve a gradient of colors.

The successful blending of a "foxy look" lies in a gradient of colors ranging from a light to a darker complexion. Warm tones such as brown and taupe or smoky ones like gray and black are the most popular. However, you can allow yourself some whimsy by daring to try the colorful "foxy eyes".

The tutorial for successfully achieving the "foxy eyes".

  1. To begin, one must start with the eyebrows. Well-groomed, work your eyebrows so that the tail of your eyebrow (comma-shaped) is slightly raised towards the temple. This will give your gaze a more elongated appearance. Do not hesitate to use pencils or gels to fill them in and give them a sharper look.

  2. Once this step is completed, apply a base to your eyelids. This is done not only to protect your skin, but also to ensure that your makeup stays in place over time. Using the flat blending brush, apply the eyeshadow over the entirety of your mobile eyelid up to the brow bone.

  3. Next, take the blending brush coated with a shade darker than the previous one. With this brush, you achieve a more pronounced result while maintaining a blurred impression.

  4. Using the angled brush this time, apply a third, darker shade of eyeshadow along your lash line, similar to an eyeliner. This is the step where you can conceal any imperfect lines from the eyeliner if it wasn't applied neatly. To give your gaze a more elongated appearance, extend the third dark shadow slightly further outward. Starting from the corner of the eye, emphasize a bit more on the tip for a sharper look and to bring out the almond shape. Do the same on the inner corner of the eye towards the bridge of the nose.

  5. Conclude your beauty routine by applying mascara to your eyelashes. Only apply it to the lashes located at the outer corner to consistently give the illusion of an elongated gaze.

If you don't succeed at first, the secret to success lies in perseverance. Don't hesitate to use online videos to improve your complexion and rejuvenate your gaze. Get your brushes ready!


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