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Avis soins acide arbutine Typology.

The Reviews About Our Alpha-Arbutin Serum.

Alpha-arbutin is a water-soluble substance with well-known brightening properties. As a natural substitute for hydroquinone, it is found in cosmetic facial formulas to soften pigmentation spots and delay their appearance. In this article, you will find some opinions about this active ingredient.

Stéphanie SOULE, Head of Scientific Communication, Shares Her Opinion

Alpha-arbutin is a molecule that occurs naturally in some plants. However, it can most commonly be extracted from the leaves of bearberry. This substance is particularly effective in fading pigment spots that are present on the surface of the skin.

Because of its pigment-regulating nature, Alpha-Arbutin is often referred to as a natural hydroquinone. When applied to the skin, its remarkable effectiveness is due to its perfect affinity for the active site of tyrosinase, an enzyme involved in the formation of melanin. Thus, this competitive inhibition of the active site of the enzyme blocks its activity and, consequently, melanin synthesis. After about six weeks of using a care product containing alpha-arbutin, pigment spots fade and the complexion appears even.

Alpha-arbutin also has a strong antioxidant effect. Thus, it inhibits the formation of free radicals, extremely reactive oxygen species that break down healthy skin cells and proteins, accelerating skin aging.

Opinions About our Serum for Pigmentation Spots

Pigmentation spots can have many causes, the most common being UV rays, skin aging or even hormonal changes. Typology's pigment spots serum contains 2% Alpha-Arbutin as well as lemon extract, whose brightening properties are well known. Here are some opinions of our customers about this product:

  • Valérie H. (29/03/2021): "Two weeks after use, I notice that the spots of my acne scars are fading, my complexion is much more even. Effective product that I highly recommend".

  • Charlotte G. (15/02/2021): "I have been using this for a little over two weeks now. It seems to be working, I even feel like it is preventing new pimples from leaving marks. Top in the long term!"

  • Laurie B. (19/05/2021): "After a month of use, several spots and scars have disappeared, I am happy."

  • Régine V. (30/03/2021): "The spots on my face have become brighter. I have been using it for three weeks now".

  • Anne F. (27/02/2021): "After applying the serum on the marks of pimples for a month, I notice a reduction of these unsightly marks."

Thus, our Alpha-Arbutin serum helps to reduce the appearance of brown spots and acne marks in particular. We recommend applying a few drops to your previously cleansed and dried face in the morning and evening. Then gently massage your face and neck, using circular motions. Afterwards, apply a moisturizer suitable for your skin type. We recommend that you use this serum daily for a minimum of 6 weeks to see the effects.

Note: The serum can also be applied to other areas of the body, such as the back, which is often affected by acne, or the armpits, which can become dark from repeated shaving.


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