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Huile teintée pour des lèvres pulpeuses.

Tinted Oil: How to Achieve Plump Lips?

There are certain tips that can be adopted to achieve plump and well-shaped lips without resorting to cosmetic surgery. Among these, applying a tinted oil provides an immediate visual effect on the volume of the lips and mouth.

What are the properties of a tinted lip oil?

The skin of the lips is five times thinner than that of the rest of the body and lacks a hydrolipidic film, making them particularly fragile, prone to dehydration, and easy to damage. Applying a lip oil frequently throughout the day can prevent dehydration, nourish these delicate membranes, and also enhance their beauty.

Indeed, a tinted oil is a hybrid product that exhibits the characteristics of a gloss, but provides the properties of a lip balm.Its texture can be thin or thick, while its color can be transparent, slightly tinted, or highly pigmented. Upon application, it leaves a shiny veil that does not stick to the surface of the lips, unlike a gloss, and additionally brings benefits to the lips.

How to achieve plump lips with tinted oil?

The application of a tinted oil allows for the reshaping of the lips and gives them an immediate plump appearance. Generally, these formulas contain moisturizing agents that will plump the lips like hyaluronic acid or vitamin E. Some lip oils may also contain "warming" active ingredients that stimulate micro-blood circulation like guarana oil or chili extract.

For a tinted oil to provide a visually plumping effect on the lips, it's crucial to know how to apply it correctly. You can start by outlining your lips with a pencil that matches the color of the tinted oil. It's possible to slightly cheat by extending the actual volume of the lips with the pencil by creating a slightly larger outline, without exceeding 3 millimeters. Then, apply the lip oil using the applicator or directly with your fingers. As for the color, opt for light and luminous shades that will accentuate the volumes.

Note : To fully benefit from the advantages of a tinted oil, it is recommended to take comprehensive care of your lips, for instance, by performing a scrub once a week. There are also night masks available to apply in the evening for soft and plump lips in the morning.

Discover our tinted lip oil.

Thetinted oil is composed of 98% natural ingredients. It comes in several colors including ruby red, powdered pink, coral orange, and plum purple. It also exists in a transparent version. Its application is simple: it is applied to the lips like a gloss using the integrated brush. Regarding its composition, this formula contains several natural lipophilic ingredients. These include squalane , which prevents lip dryness, and plum oil (INCI name: "Prunus Domestica Seed Oil") which deeply nourishes the lips while providing a light pleasant fragrance. The tinted oil also contains jojoba oil (INCI name: "Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil") which creates a protective and moisturizing film, and vitamin E (INCI name: "Tocopherol") which protects the lips from external aggressions. Even if the tinted oil fades throughout the day, the active ingredients it contains continue to work deeply to nourish the skin tissues.


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