Gift Sets, delight loved ones with essential skincare

Gift Sets, delight loved ones with essential skincare

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Rougeurs et imperfections : pourquoi utiliser la niacinamide ?

Use Niacinamide for Redness and Skin Imperfections?

Do you have a skin prone to redness? Is it caused by heat, inflammation or an allergic reaction? Good news, there are few skin irritations that niacinamide -also known as vitamin B3, nicotinamide or vitamin PP- does not relieve and mitigate. Portrait of this unjustly ignored active ingredient, best ally of sensitive skins.

What Causes Redness and Blemishes on the Face?

Before trying niacinamide for redness and imperfections that appear on the face, it is essential to identify the causes. They may first be a reaction to an external aggression, such as temperature changes, pollution, irritating make-up removers, or the presence of an allergen in one of your skin care products. In the most serious cases, redness is linked to forms of skin disease such as couperose or rosacea.

Understanding the Action of Niacinamide on Specific Skin Problems.

Niacinamide is an ingredient widely used in beauty care formulas, as it acts on different levels:

  • In particular, it helps restore the skin's barrier and thus stimulates the healing process.

  • It also acts at the level of cellular differentiation, or of the cutaneous micro-circulation.

  • It inhibits the transfer of melanosomes to adjacent epidermal keratinocytes.

  • Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, it soothes and prevents irritation of the most reactive and sensitive skin: with daily applications to targeted areas, redness is reduced by niacinamide, skin texture becomes smoother, and the complexion becomes more radiant.

The Ideal Care Routine to Soothe and Treat Reactive Skin.

It should be noted that niacinamide in its natural state comes mainly from food and that the body only synthesizes it in tiny quantities. It is therefore necessary to use highly concentrated products with niacinamide in order to see the benefits for redness and imperfections. The whole point of adopting a complete niacinamide skincare routine designed for sensitive skin is to be able to play on complementarity: beyond the multiple properties of niacinamide, the use of a chamomile water, good hydration, reinforced in case of increased dryness by the application of a care product enriched with hyaluronic acid, completed by a night serum with soothing properties. And don't forget a few simple recommendations to apply on a daily basis: avoid overheated rooms, hot water and potentially irritating cosmetics.


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