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What Moisturizer to Use for Your Skin Type?

The skin is covered with a hydrolipidic film that protects it from external aggressions. To take care of it, various solutions exist, to be declined according to its type of skin. We help you find out what moisturizer to use is the most suitable for you.

How to Know Your Skin Type?

Knowing your skin type allows you to adopt an adapted skin care routine and to tell what moisturizer to use. Our skin  analysis can help you determine whether you have normal, oily, combination or dry skin:

  • Normal skin is supple with tight pores. It has neither excessive nor insufficient sebum production, and is therefore sufficiently hydrated without being shiny.

  • Combination skin can be recognized by the T-zone being shinier than the rest of the face, as well as by the presence of blackheads and spots. The rest of the face may be subject to tightness.

  • Oily skin is characterized by a shiny appearance all day long. Because of the overproduction of sebum, it is prone to acne and blackheads.

  • Dry skin is characterized by constant flaking, redness and tightness due to insufficient sebum production.

What Moisturizer to Use for Your Skin Type?

Depending on the nature of your skin, you would not want to choose the same care. Here, you’ll learn what moisturizer to use according to your skin type. 

  • Moisturizing your face is the most important step with dry skin, as it needs a lot of hydration. You need a cream with a significant fatty phase to retain water and protect it from external aggressions. Focus on nourishing and moisturizing creams rich in soothing and lipid-replenishing active ingredients, as well as vegetable oil to regain comfort and suppleness.

  • For normal skin, continue to cleanse gently so as not to alter the skin's protective barrier, as well as moisturize to maintain this balance.

  • When it comes to face moisturizers for combination skin, opt for a double skin care routine. In the morning, moisturize your skin with a hydrating and mattifying cream to stabilize the high level of sebum on the T-zone while keeping your cheeks hydrated. In the evening, opt for a creamier moisturizer.

  • For oily skin, choose a mattifying cream to regulate sebum production or a purifying, anti-imperfection treatment. Despite the excess of sebum or shine, it is also essential to use a moisturizer to take care of your oily skin.

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