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What Order for Your Skin Care and When to Apply Your Moisturizer?

What Order for Your Skin Care and When to Apply Your Moisturizer?

No matter what type of skin you have (sensitive, combination, oily, dry…), moisturizing your  face with a cream is essential, as it must be protected and nourished. This care also helps to slow down skin aging. To optimize its effects and effectiveness, the face cream must be adapted to the season, age and skin type, but also be applied correctly, regularly and at the right time.

Should I Apply My Moisturizer Before or After Showering?

To reconstitute the hydrolipidic film that retains water on the skin's surface, it is important to use a face cream. Its role is to treat the targeted problems, but also to moisturize the skin after cleansing it in your daytime and nighttime skin care routine.

To enjoy the benefits of this care, it is significant to apply it at the right time. So, what order should you adopt for this skin care product? Should you apply it before or after your shower? Preferably, apply your face cream after taking your shower. Indeed, the possibly hard water of the shower can cover your skin with a drying veil. This phenomenon can be accentuated by using certain soaps and shampoos that can leave traces on your face after the shower. These can then clog pores and promote the appearance of imperfections. So, we advise you to apply your cream after the shower, after having cleaned your skin.

At What Step of Your Skin Care Routine Should You Apply Your Moisturizer?

Moisturizing cream, serum, sunscreen… cosmetic products are not applied randomly but follow a precise order for better efficiency. We tell you at what stage of your beauty ritual you should apply your face cream, as well as what order to choose for other skin care products:

  1. Makeup removers: The first step in a facial care routine is to cleanse your skin to capture makeup residue, but also dust and impurities that might have stuck to your skin during the day. Therefore, use a makeup remover adapted to your skin type.

  2. Cleansers: The next step is to gently remove the residue of the previously applied makeup remover with a gentle cleansing formula. This can also help treat a skin problem such as acne, dryness, redness, etc…

  3. Exfoliants: All skin types need regular exfoliation: once or twice a week maximum. This step allows eliminating the dead skin accumulated on the surface and thus to stimulate the cellular renewal.

  4. Toners: After washing your face, apply a toner adapted to your skin type. This product is used to eliminate the remaining impurities and to rebalance the skin's pH by removing the lime residue present in the water. It will also prepare the skin to receive the treatments that follow.

  5. Serums: Reinforce your routine with the application of a facial serum designed to respond to specific skin problems and treat them effectively by delivering formulations highly concentrated in active ingredients.

  6. Oils: Suitable for every skin type, oils help nourish the skin and act as an emollient to seal in moisture.

  7. Eye care: These products have been specially formulated for this sensitive area of the face.

  8. Moisturizers: Using a moisturizer on a daily basis is an essential step in any healthy skin routine. It is there to restore the hydrolipidic film and thus seal in moisture.

  9. Sun protection: Daily use of a sunscreen for the face is an important step in any beauty routine. It will help protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays and prevent premature wrinkles.


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