Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

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Which active ingredient(s) should be used against blackheads and enlarged pores?

Which active ingredient(s) should be used against blackheads and enlarged pores?

Also known as comedones, blackheads occur due to a blockage of the pores caused by an excess of sebum and dead cells. A real nightmare for skin with a tendency to be combination to oily, there are nevertheless solutions to overcome them.

Enlarged Pores and Blackheads: The Causes.

The primary cause of enlarged pores (also known as hair follicles) is overproduction of sebum (seborrhea), because indeed, the more sebum that flows, the more the pores expand. While sebum is essential for maintaining skin hydration, an excessive amount can cause an imbalance, resulting in shiny areas on the face. As for dead skin cells, they also serve to prevent certain infections caused by bacteria and fungi by creating an acidic layer on the epidermis. However, there are a few other reasons that can explain why pores may appear larger or smaller:

  • A poor beauty routine involving the use of harsh or comedogenic products;

  • An excessive exposure to the sun ;

  • The skin aging ;

  • The heat indeed, the warmer it gets, the more we sweat, the more sebum is produced, thus the more the pores dilate.

Blackheads typically appear in areas where the sebaceous glands produce more sebum. On combination skin, they tend to occur on the forehead, nose, and chin, corresponding to the "T-zone". However, they can also be located on other parts of the face (cheeks and temples) and body such as the back, shoulders, and chest. In addition to an accumulation of dead cells and excessive sebum production, the appearance of blackheads can be due to other factors such as hormonal imbalances, the application of irritating skincare products that promote sebum production, and poorly cleansed skin.

Serums to incorporate into your beauty routine.

  • Serum No. 1 : Mattifying with Azelaic Acid.

    In order to limit pore dilation and the subsequent appearance of blackheads, there is only one solution: mattifying. In this regard, azelaic acid proves to be one of the most effective active ingredients, especially when it is concentrated in serum and combined with other ingredients known for their absorbent and purifying properties.

    Derived from plants, this acid is known for its sebum-regulating, anti-comedogenic, and antibacterial properties. Indeed, this molecule works by regulating sebum production and reducing the formation of open comedones, also known as blackheads, and limiting the proliferation of bacteria responsible for the appearance of pimples.

  • Serum No. 2 : Exfoliate with Glycolic Acid or Lactic Acid

    In order to reduce the visibility of pores, it is highly recommended to use an astringent treatment such as a serum highly concentrated in glycolic acid, which has the ability to eliminate dead skin cells and thus facilitate the return of a smoother and more unified skin.

    Renowned for its exfoliating power, theglycolic acid rids the skin of dead cells and performs a deep-cleaning action to combat blackheads. In addition to its peeling effect, it also stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and cellular renewal. An alternative for sensitive skin is thelactic acid, which is gentler and less irritating than glycolic acid.

  • Serum No. 3 : Purify with a night serum.

    It is during the sleep phase, when the skin reaches its peak of regeneration, that certain active ingredients can act most effectively. That's why the application of a purifying night serum can prove to be very effective in the fight against blackheads and enlarged pores. While there are several night creams designed to purify the epidermis during sleep, it is indeed the combination of several active ingredients that allows for a truly effective synergistic action against blackheads and enlarged pores. Indeed, this night serum simultaneously combines several actions: mattifying, rebalancing, anti-bacterial, and soothing. A "all-in-one" care, in a way, for visible results after a few weeks of use, as well as in the long term.


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