Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

Three products for a radiant, customizable tan — without UV rays

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3 good reasons to use a night serum.

3 good reasons to use a night serum.

While we often hear about creams and masks to apply before bedtime, night serums still fly under the radar. However, they possess numerous virtues that prove useful for regenerating, plumping, and rehydrating the skin. Still skeptical? Here are 3 good reasons to switch to night serum.

1. It acts during the skin's regeneration cycle and optimizes cellular renewal.

While we sleep, our skin is busy regenerating and repairing all the damage caused by our daily activities. In fact, around 1 a.m., cells begin to divide and renew themselves in order to repair the damage caused by UV rays, blue light, pollution, and various bacteria. This nightly dance allows the skin to absorb 100% of the active ingredients from creams, serums, or masks, compared to only 30% during the day. That's why it's important to carefully choose the skincare product you're going to apply. The advantage of the night serum, is that it's both lightweight and effective because its formula is loaded with active ingredients that optimize the cellular regeneration process. How? Simply by providing the skin with all the benefits it needs to address its issues. Whether it's brightness-enhancing, purifying, soothing, tightening or hydrating... There are many formulas that allow you to make the most of this renewal process, which is so precious for skin well-being.

2. It aids in combating dehydration.

During the night, blood circulation significantly increases to allow the skin to eliminate toxins and waste. It is at this time that the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid begins to intensify. To boost this natural process and actively combat dehydration, simply apply a few drops of night serum as the final step in your beauty routine. If it replaces a traditional moisturizer, it's because it offers many more benefits to the skin. Firstly, its active ingredients deeply hydrate the epidermis and contribute to cell renewal, and its formula rich in vegetable oils acts as a protective shield for the skin to limit its water loss during the night. The result: the phenomenon of nighttime dehydration is reduced and the epidermis regains its balance.

3. It boosts the skin's radiance upon waking up.

By enhancing the process of cellular renewal, preventing dehydration, and providing all the necessary active ingredients for skin well-being, the night serum offers a cocktail of benefits that allows all skin types to be plumped, hydrated, and especially radiant upon waking.


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