Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

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Which night serum should you use based on your skin type?

Which night serum should you use based on your skin type?

Because each skin type has specific needs to be met, discover which night serum to use based on the unique characteristics of your skin.

What is the purpose of a night serum?

A serum is a facial care product highly concentrated in active ingredients. Its light and fluid texture facilitates its rapid and deep penetration into the epidermis. While a cream provides a sense of comfort, hydrates the skin's superficial layer, and creates a physical barrier against aggressions, a facial serum does not offer any surface protection. Instead, its role is to address specific skin irregularities such as dehydration, blemishes, dull complexion, wrinkles, lack of firmness, and so on. It can be applied both in the morning and in the evening. However, it is during the night, away from external aggressions, that the skin is most capable of regenerating and repairing the day's damage. Moreover, it is at this time of the day that the skin is most receptive to care.

Which night serum formula should be favored?

The choice of night serum depends on the issues one wishes to address. There are numerous variants suitable for all skin types:

  • Night serum for oily skin with blemishes:

    Oily skin is characterized by a shine, particularly in the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin), blemishes, and enlarged pores, all due to an overactivity of the sebaceous glands which produce an excess of sebum. To restore balance, it is important to first deeply cleanse the pores and then supplement the skin with beneficial actives during the peak of cellular renewal at night.

    To accomplish this task, the purifying night serum is the ideal skincare product. Light and enriched with peony cells, tea tree and jojoba essential oils known for their regulating, purifying, regenerating, and detoxifying properties, it is easily absorbed by the epidermis. To reduce shine and refine skin texture by rebalancing the sebaceous glands, only two drops of this elixir are sufficient. Convenient for those who want to use it daily.

  • Night serum for mature skin:

    Mature skin is most affected by the effects of night serums. It's important to note that from the age of 25, skin cells no longer renew optimally. Consequently, over time, the skin loosens, sags, dries out, and wrinkles appear. Therefore, they need a little help to regenerate properly. The goal is to tone the skin and protect the epidermis from aggressions that can accelerate its aging and cause damage.

    This work, the nighttime tightening serum, does it wonderfully. Because it works during the night, it aligns with the cellular renewal process and releases its active ingredients when the skin is ready to fully absorb them. Upon waking, the skin is plumped, firmed, and toned, thanks to the toning and regenerating actions of 7 botanical extracts such as nopal cells, prickly pear oil, and immortelle essential oil.

  • Night serum for normal, combination, and dull skin:

    While normal and combination skin types may not seem to need anything at first glance, they can quickly become problematic in winter. When this phenomenon occurs, it's generally a sign that the epidermis is actually suffering from dehydration because its hydrolipidic film is no longer performing its barrier function properly. And dehydration often equates to a lack of radiance. A dull complexion is also often linked to oxidative stress caused by the development of free radicals in the body.

    To revive the skin's radiance, a two-step approach is required with a night serum dedicated to antioxidant and regenerative actions. This serum prevents water from evaporating while you sleep and provides the epidermis with antioxidant actives to prevent cells from oxidizing over time. A 2-in-1 action that proves to be both gentle and effective.

  • Night serum for sensitive skin:

    If your skin feels tight, itchy, turns red, or peels, these are signs that it is sensitive and reactive. Therefore, it needs gentle care that can soothe its discomfort caused, for example, by contact with tap water or various temperature changes. After your regular beauty routine, you can apply a few drops of the soothing night serum, which is primarily composed of cotton cells, raspberry oil, and calendula macerate for their antibacterial, antioxidant, and soothing properties. This serum will work during cellular renewal and will allow your epidermis to repair and regenerate more effectively.

  • Night serum for dry skin:

    Unlike dehydrated skin, dry skin has always experienced discomfort. The goal, therefore, is to provide what it lacks: fats. But not just any! Borage vegetable oil and olive squalane, present in the night hydrating serum, are essential elements to allow the epidermis to regain comfort. To be applied instead of a traditional moisturizing cream, this serum offers all the nourishing actives that cells need for dry skin to finally be plumped up.


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