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Discover our top recommendations for fine lines + wrinkles.

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Night cream versus night serum?

Night cream versus night serum?

At night, the skin regenerates and recovers from the assaults it has endured (cold, sun, or pollution) during the day. Taking care of the skin before bed helps activate cellular renewal. It is appropriate to choose suitable night care products. The question that arises is: what to choose between night cream and night serum? Let's focus.

The Utility of a Night Cream.

Throughout the day, the skin endures various assaults (pollution, sunlight, temperature fluctuations...). Therefore, the application of a night cream is necessary to boost cellular renewal during sleep, thanks to the active ingredients it contains. It also helps to reformulate a high-quality hydrolipidic film overnight to ensure the skin remains well-hydrated.

It is recommended to start using this skincare product from the age of 30, especially if your skin feels dry upon waking or if it feels tight. Moreover, it is crucial to get enough sleep, as lack of sleep can have an impact on the skin.

You can choose a night cream with hydrating, firming, or repairing properties, depending on your skin type.

There is a wide range of night care products. Our retinol cream can be applied in the evening and is suitable for mature skin. However, avoid using it if you have sensitive and reactive skin. In the evening, it is appropriate to apply a dab on your clean, dry face. You then simply need to gently massage it in circular motions until the product fully penetrates your skin.

The Utility of a Night Serum.

Serums exhibit a light, melting, and thin texture, allowing them to quickly penetrate the epidermis. They prepare your skin before the application of your regular care. They provide your skin with softness, radiance , and firmness. It is advisable to use a night serum in addition to your night cream.

Our night serums are composed of vegetable oils, essential oils, and plant cells. Working during sleep, they protect the skin and limit water loss. The ingredients that make up these treatments are of natural origin. In the evening, it is appropriate to apply a few drops over your entire face and neck. This night serum can replace your usual night cream. It is suitable for all skin types. However, they are contraindicated for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children under 6 years old, as they contain essential oils.

What should one choose between a night cream and a night serum?

Unlike a night cream, a night serum contains less water. Thanks to its light and fluid texture, it quickly penetrates the epidermis. A night serum can replace a night cream. Due to its high affinity with the skin, it enhances the effects of botanical actives during the night.

It is advisable to apply a night serum and a night cream every evening. These two treatments complement each other. Their combination allows for visible and quick results.

Applying a night serum serves to amplify the effects of a night cream. Penetrating to the heart of the cells, a night serum is used to treat loss of firmness, spots, or even wrinkles.

A night cream, on the other hand, rehydrates and nourishes the epidermis during the night. It creates a protective film that enhances the action of the active ingredients it contains and prevents water loss. To allow your night treatments to penetrate, apply them at least half an hour before sleeping. Remember to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin beforehand.


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