Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

Mother's Day: Treat her to a complete routine

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Night Serum: How much should you apply?

Night Serum: How much should you apply?

The serum is a treatment used to enhance the action of the moisturizing cream. The night serum is no exception and should be applied in a specific order. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the dosage, in terms of quantity. Let's focus on the night serum and the necessary amount to apply to your skin.

Why should you have an evening beauty routine?

Before you go to bed, it's essential to follow a skincare routine to maintain your skin's health and preserve its radiant complexion. During the night, your skin regenerates and continually renews itself autonomously. Indeed, during your sleep, cellular renewal begins around 11 PM, and the multiplication of skin cells peaks around 1 AM (three times more than during the day). It's also during this sleep phase that the epidermis becomes more permeable and therefore more receptive to skincare treatments. Similarly, during this nocturnal period, the pores take the opportunity to expel toxins accumulated during the day.

At 20 years old, the skin is smooth, elastic, and firm, often referred to as "young," because cells renew efficiently. However, from the age of 25 - 30 years, cellular renewal slows down, which explains the gradual appearance of the first expression lines on the face, skin thickening due to the accumulation of dead cells, and a dull and rough complexion. In response to this phenomenon, the skin also becomes more vulnerable to external aggressions. Therefore, it requires a little help to continue to display a fresh and luminous complexion upon waking, and to boost cell regeneration. For all these reasons, the evening then becomes the ideal time to apply a specific treatment to target the skin's needs and fully benefit from the active ingredients provided.

What is a night serum?

Therefore, it is crucial to care for your skin in the evening to maintain a radiant complexion the next day, slow down the appearance of aging signs, and preserve its protective barrier role. Adopting a suitable skincare regimen in your evening routine is ideal for maintaining your skin's good health.

The night serum is a facial care product with an oily texture that is applied at the end of the day, during your evening beauty routine, in place of the night cream. It notably helps your skin limit water loss by creating a protective film on the surface. Thanks to their formulas rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins that make up vegetable oils, essential oils, and plant cells, the botanical assembly is also used to address specific skin needs: it can help correct imperfections, prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, reduce pigmentation defects, revive skin radiance, neutralize free radicals responsible for premature skin aging, or even soothe irritations, depending on the chosen formula.

Night Serum: Quantity and Application Guide.

It is crucial not to overuse products by adhering to the appropriate amounts to apply on your skin based on its type and needs. During your evening beauty routine, the night serum should be applied after makeup removal and cleansing. To do this, take an amount equivalent to the size of a small pea in the palm of your hand. Warm up the product by rubbing your hands together and apply it by pressing onto different areas of the face. Then massage your face with small upward circular movements (from bottom to top) and your neck with downward movements (from top to bottom) for optimal penetration into all layers of the epidermis. The night serum can replace the night cream and thus constitute the final step of your evening routine. Indeed, thanks to its composition, this treatment will create a lipid film on the surface of the epidermis, thus preserving the skin's hydration.


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